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Session is a norwegian chain of skateboard and snowboard shops.

Also known as: Session Skateshops

Websites [info] is the webshop of the Session skateshop chain.

Stores: [list]

2014 - xxxx: Session Sandvika
2010 - : Session Lagunen [Bergen]
2009 - : Session Steinkjer
2009 - : Session ナlesund [ナlesund]
2009 - : Session Buskerud Storsenter
2008 - : Session Sartor [Straume]
2008 - : Session Haugesund [Haugesund]
2008: Session Kristiansand [Kristiansand]
2008: Session Skien [Skien]
2007: Session Oslo City [Oslo]
2007: Session Strmmen [Strmmen]
2006: Session Kvadrat Girls
2003 - : Session Amanda [Haugesund]
2003 - 2010: Session Torvbyen [Fredrikstad]
2003 - : Session Trondheim [Trondheim]
2002 - : Session Kvadrat [Sandnes]
2002: Session Sarpsborg [Sarpsborg]
2001: Session Bergen [Bergen]
1998 - xxxx: Session Sandnes
1993 - xxxx: Session Youngstorget [Oslo]
1992 - xxxx: Session Grnerlkka [Oslo]
1991 - xxxx: Session Bergen
1988 - : Session Stavanger

Skateboard Team:

2009: Navid Navid
xxxx: Petter Klemsdal
xxxx: Christian Farstad
xxxx: Fredrik Austb
xxxx: Fredrik N誡land
xxxx: Gabriel Engelke
xxxx: Gustav Tnnesen
xxxx: Jan Henrik Kongsten
xxxx: Jesper Katsimpas
xxxx: Jon Arve Aarhaug
xxxx: Jon K蚌e Skiple
xxxx: Kim Patrick Karlsen
xxxx: Magnus Bonesmo
xxxx: Sebastian Rafen

1988: Christian Brox
1988: Ole Petterson
1988: Reidar Nilsen
1988: Stian Wathne
1988: Morten Ropeid
1988: Bjarne Bergsager

Snowboard Team:

xxxx: Andreas Wiig
xxxx: Danny Larsen
xxxx: Erik Botner
xxxx: Eirik Hauglo
xxxx: Fredrik Austb
xxxx: Jan Petter Solberg
xxxx: Mads Jonsson
xxxx: Mikkel Bang
xxxx: Stian Solberg
xxxx: St虱e Sandbech
xxxx: Torstein Horgmo
xxxx: Kari Opsal M詬and
xxxx: Kjersti Buaas
xxxx: Marius Otterstad


2009: 01 - Sterk Reklame


1989: Session opens Session Skatepark.
1988: Session started by Marius Bakke.

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Session Invitational 2016 Program and Riderslist [2/6/2016]
Session is sponsoring this years Invitational contest in Oslo. Here is the schedule and riderslist.

Marcus Vik on Session [28/4/2016]
Session has added Marcus Vik to their main skate team.

Thomas Berget with Session Sandvika [8/1/2015]
Session Sandvika has welcomed Thomas Berget to the team.


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2012: Voss Resorts
Sjappo og Session Slopestyle from Petter Lahlum - Snowboard konkurranse p Slettafjell, Voss 25.03.2012
Play This Video

2011: Interviews
Godkroken med Ulrik & Joacim del II by Session 1988
Play This Video

2011: Interviews
Godkroken med Ulrik & Joacim del I by Session 1988
Play This Video


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2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Session Invitational Riderslist Poster

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Session Invitational Program Poster

1999: Advertisments: Show Picture
Session Ad

Go Fish:

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Video: Zeuners Last Session [11/1/2018]
Backyard ramps are the best! No pads, no rules, no kooks all fun. The legends and the locals gather for one last blast on Brightons swing set. Thanks Zeuners!

The Session 2017 [29/11/2017]
WCS is going to Tokyo, Japan for the second time, for The Session at Murasaki Park on 10th December, 2017.

Games: Session Trailer+Info [26/11/2017]
Session is a new skateboarding game currently on Kickstarter.

Globe Snake Session 2017 Footage [11/11/2017]
One ramp, five teams, $1,000 and about a million tricks. Globes first annual Snake Sessions mini-ramp contest was heated! Check the insanity and then go work on your Cab one foots.

Concrete Dinosaurs Part 2: Harrow Skatepark [27/9/2017]
Heres the second part of a series of edits celebrating the UK Concrete Dinosaurs, the skateparks that survived the bust of the 1970s and are still skated today.

Skate Copa Court 2017 Sao Paulo Ride Footage [27/9/2017]
On September 16th, 2017 Vale do Anhangaba, in S縊 Paulo, received adidas Skate Copa Court, a memorable afternoon for Brazilian skateboarding.

Henning Braaten About Skating At Frognerparken [15/9/2017]
Henning Braaten from NORB weighs in on the conflict with skateboarders at Frognerparken in Oslo.

Chin Ramp Sessions: Young Guns [9/9/2017]
The original Animal Chin Ramp was built, shredded and torn down long before this group of young guns were even born. Never before has a crew this young and talented been able to skate the Animal Chin Ramp and they certainly dont disappoint.

Chin Ramp Sessions: Vert Legends [6/9/2017]
In this edition of Chin Ramp Sessions, a gang of vert legends converge on the freshly rebuilt Animal Chin Ramp at Woodward West and absolutely shut it down.

Session Arkaden Store of the Year [2/9/2017]
Session Arkaden has been awarded Store of the Year at Arkaden Shopping.

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2017: Event Flyers [29/11/2017]

2017: Games [26/11/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]

2017: Session Invitational [14/8/2017]