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Skate and snowboarding organisation in Gjøvik, Norway.

Also known as: GBK [abbreviation] / Gjøvik Skate og Snowboardklubb [old name] / Gjøvik Skateklubb

Gjøvik Skateboard Klubb 1999 - 200?

Initiated by Trond Igelkjøn and Sven Kaare Sunde, the organisation was formed as Gjøvik Skateboardklubb on 29 September 1999, but changed its name to Gjøvik Skate og Snowboard Klubb at the first meeting.

The organisation was lead by Per Arne Kristiansen.


2001 - 2002:

Gjøvik Skate og Snowboardklubb 2006 - 201?

The organisation was restarted in 2006 by Thomas De Kinder Haakonsen and Håvard Siem, to progress the plans for a new skatepark.

2013 - xxxx: Jernbaneparken Skatepark

Gjøvik Brettklubb 2014 - PRESENT

Gjøvik Brettklubb was officially formed in 2014, and is lead by Sigurd Morten Vik.


2015 - xxxx: Gjøvik Skatehall


2014 - xxxx: SkateRock Gjøvik


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Gjøvik Skatepark Best Trick Contest [6/5/2017]
Gjøvik Brettklubb is arranging a best trick contest at the skatepark Saturday 6th May 2017.

Skateboarding at Gjøvik By Fest 2016 [18/8/2016]
Gjøvik Brettklubb are arranging demos and contest during Gjøvik Byfest 20th August 2016.

Gjøvik Brettklubb Gets Meat Ball Award [10/7/2016]
Gjøvik Brettklubb received the Kjøttkake På Gaffel award.


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2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Gjøvik Byfest Poster

2016: Various: Show Picture
Kjøttkake på gaffel award. Photo by Trond Erik Alfstad / Gjøvik Brettklubb.

2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Rock on Wheels 2016 Poster

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Plans Mjøsskate 2017 Skateboard Marathon [31/1/2017]
Organisations in Stange/Hamar, Brumunddal, Lillehammer and Gjøvik are planning a four day skateboard marathon with one contest in each city this summer.

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2016: Various [10/7/2016]