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GSF Skatepark (2000 - The GSF Skatepark is a recreational area for skaters, bladers, bmxers and street artists in Oslo, but also hosts other social events such as various contests, concerts and parties.) Articles | Videos | Photos | Calendar

GSF Skatepark is a skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid / Gamlebyen Skatepark / Gamle Oslo Skatepark / Gamlebyen Arena / Arena Gamlebyen


The original park was built in 2000 by Gamlebyen Sport og Fritid. It consisted of wood obstacles on an asphalt surface, as well as some wood obstacles under the bridge.

Spotcheck: GSF Skatepark September 2005

The miniramp and street are was taken down to start construction of a new concrete bowl in 2007, and the bowl was opened in 2008.

GSF Resisting a Rest 2008 Footage

Events: [Full List]

The skatepark has hosted several concerts, skateboard contests and other events.

2008 - 2009: Rock n Bowl
19?? - 20??: Gamlebyen Song Festival


The GSF bowl has been featured in several skateboard videos.

2012: Oslo 5
2007: The Turf Movie


Dyvekes Bro, St. Halvards gate 1B, 0192 Oslo, Norway

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GSF Skate Jam 2017 Results and Footage [26/9/2017]
Here are results and footage from the GSF Skate Jam.

GSF Skate Jam 201 EWP Footage [22/9/2017]
Here are some pictures from the GSF Skate Jam, courtesy of Eileen Wikery Pettersen.

GSF Skate Jam 2017 Highlights Footage [20/9/2017]
Here are some highlights from the skate jam held in the gsf bowl.


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2016: GSF Skatepark
Mitch Wheeler in GSF from SailorPOPs
Play This Video

2015: GSF Skatepark
Mitch (Du og Deig)
Play This Video

2014: GSF Skatepark
GSF Dogtown Streetpunk Demo. from Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah
Play This Video


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2017: GSF Skate Jam: Show Picture
The podium at the GSF Skate Jam. Audun Mehl, Pontus Bjrn and William Wallentin. Photo by Eileen Wikery Pettersen.

2017: GSF Skate Jam: Show Picture
Beer is flowing as the winner is announced. Photo by Eileen Wikery Pettersen.

2017: GSF Skate Jam: Show Picture
Audun Mehl and William Wallentin doubles up during the GSF skate jam in Oslo. Photo by Eileen Wikery Pettersen.

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Oslo Spring 2017 #1 [21/3/2017]
The snow is retreating, so we checked out some Oslo skateparks and skatespots last week.

Tangenfestivalen 2013 Skate Update [26/4/2013]
Here is some more information about the skateboard demo at Tangenfestivalen in Nesodden this weekend.

Nstedhallen Skate School 2011 [16/10/2011]
Nstedhallen is arranging another round of skate schools with Adil Dyani as the instructor.

リya Festivalen 2010 [21/6/2010]
The annual リyafestivalen in Oslo Norway is being held in August. Here is some information.

Easter 2010 at GSF [15/4/2010]
The GSF bowl in Oslo opened for business this easter. Here is some footage from some of the first sessions of the year.

Cathching Up: Christopher Alstermo [9/11/2009]
We sat down for a quick catch up with the new Justme team rider Christopher Alstermo. Here is a short interview.

Frontside Disaster at Youngstorget [1/9/2009]
The skateable art project, Frontside Disaster, opened recently at Youngstorget in Oslo, Norway. Here is some information.

Gabbe Wears NikeSB [17/2/2009]
Seems that Gabriel Engelke has been hooked up by Nike, and will be sporting Nike Skateboarding footwear from now on.

Spotcheck: Sinsenkrysset June 2008 [24/6/2008]
After discovering the slightly tilted walls along the pathway beneath the intersection, we brought our cameras and went up to Sinsenkrysset to try a few wallrides. Here are the pictures and clips from our visit.

GSD With Shit [19/6/2008]
Shit Skateboard Company is arranging an event for this years Go Skateboarding day. Here is some information on whats happening in Stavanger this saturday.

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2016: GSF Skatepark [24/9/2016]

2016: GSF Skatepark [24/9/2016]

2016: GSF Skatepark [24/5/2016]

2016: GSF Skatepark [21/3/2016]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]

2015: GSF Skatepark [28/10/2015]