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Birdhouse Skateboards is a skateboard company based in Huntington Beach, California.

Also known as: Birdhouse Projects [original title]


Birdhouse makes skateboard decks and wheels, as well as clothing and accessories.

Birdhouse offers signature decks by Ragdoll, Matt Ball, Brian Sumner, Steve Nesser, Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, and a large selection of Tony Hawk boards.

1992: Mike Youssefphouor
1992: Ocean Howell

Pro Team:

xxxx: Kevin Staab
xxxx: Willy Santos
xxxx: Willy Santos
xxxx: Shaun White
2006 - ????: Anthony Scalamere
2003: Donny Barley

Am Team:

2011: Clint Walker
2009: Aaron Homoki
xxxx: Elliot Sloan
xxxx: Shaun Gregoire
xxxx: David Loy
xxxx: Riley Hawk
???? - 2006: Anthony Scalamere
xxxx: Alan Young
xxxx: Randy Ploesser
xxxx: Jean Postec


2007: The Beginning
1998: The End
1993: Ravers
1992: Untitled
1992: Feasters


2011: Birdhouse enRoute Tour [Am Team]
2010: Birdhouse Midwest Tour
2010: Birdhouse Europe Tour


1999: Transworld Skateboarding Awards Best Team Riders


2010: Syndrome Distribution
xxxx: Blitz Distribution


xxxx: Company changes name to Birdhouse Skateboards.
1992: Tony Hawk and Per Welinder form Birdhouse Projects.


1992: Per Welinder first asked Lance Mountain to be a partner, but he declined.


xxxx: Bravo Sports

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Birdhouse Pro Lizzy Armato [20/3/2017]
A casual backyard vert session turns into the surprise of a lifetime. Congrats Lizzie!

Birdhouse Joins Bakerboys Distribution [10/1/2017]
Life comes full circle as Birdhouse Skateboards joins Bakerboys Distribution.

Birdhouse European Tour 2015 Footage [12/8/2015]
The Birdhouse Skateboards team visited, England, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic. Here is the footage.


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2015: Tour Videos
NASS 2015 - Birdhouse European Vacation - Tony Hawk, Lizzie Armanto, Sam Beckett
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2014: Interviews
David Loy put in work for his interview in The Skateboard Mag issue #124, so you can only imagine how much Birdhouses newest pro put into this video part thats tied to it. In case youve been sleeping on Loy lately, heres a little wake-up call.
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2012: Tour Videos
Birdhouse Left Coast Tour 2012
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2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
Tony Hawk Birdhouse Ad

2014: Advertisments: Show Picture
David Loy Birdhouse Pro Ad

2011: Advertisments: Show Picture
Birdhouse Welcomes Clint Walker.

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