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Tommy Jrgensen is a skateboarder from Norway.

Also known as:


Tommy Jrgensen was born 16. June 1975 in Btsfjord, Norway.


His stance is regular.


1990: 116 - NORB NM Street
2010: 016 - NORB NM Bowl Senior
2011: 012 - NORB NM Senior Bowl
2011: 009 - Oldboys Skateboard NM Street
2012: 014 - NORB NM Senior Bowl


2012: Randomz

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Old Boys NM 2015 Results and Footage [16/9/2015]
Here are results and footage from this years Norwegian old boys skateboard championships.

Old Boys NM 2014 Results and Footage [1/7/2014]
Here are results, footage and a short recap of the Norwegian old boys vert and bowl championships held at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo on Go Skateboarding Day.

Oldboys Skateboard NM 2011 Results and Footage [9/10/2011]
Here is our footage and the results from the Norwegian Old Boys Skateboard championships held at Voldslkka last month.


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2011: Haugenstua Skatepark
Short spotcheck clip featuring Tommy Jrgensen at Haugenstua Skatepark, an indoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.
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2011: Nstedhallen Skatepark
Justme x Friends x Nstedhallen: Short clip with Justme team riders and friends during a session at Nstedhallen Skatepark in November 2011. Featuring Christopher Alstermo, Henry Calmeyer, Tommy Jrgensen, and also Alex Holm and Roy Lsnes.
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2011: Saga Skatepark
Leftovers clips from the CA x Saga session. Featuring Christopher Alstermo and Tommy Jrgensen.
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2016: Advertisments: Show Picture
The Justme Website 1000 Norwegian Skatespots Ad

2014: Old Boys NM: Show Picture
BBQ at Jordal Skatepark during Old Boys NM.

2013: NORB NM Senior Bowl Qualification: Show Picture
Tommy Jrgensen frontside smith grind during the Norwegian skateboard championships at Jordal Skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

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Old Boys NM 2016 Results and Footage [28/11/2016]
Here are results and footage from this years Old Boys NM at Larvik Skatehall.

Kringsj Miniramp Is Gone [27/5/2013]
The miniramp at Kringsj in Oslo has been torn down.

Spotcheck: Queen Sirikit Park Phuket January 2011 [5/2/2011]
We stopped by Queen Sirikit Park in Phuket City for a little skateboarding. Here is some information on the spot.

Spotcheck: Fyrstikkalleen Skatepark September 2010 [18/10/2010]
Fyrstikkalleen Skole has got a small concrete skatepark in the school yard. Here is some information and pictures from our visit last month.

Spotcheck: Bystranda Skatepark August 2010 [10/9/2010]
During our visit to Kristiansand last month, we stopped by the small skatepark at Bystranda. Here is a checkout with information and pictures.

Spotcheck: Sukkerbiten Miniramp August 2010 [24/8/2010]
A temporary miniramp was set up in Oslo for the launch of Daniel Francks new clothing line. Here is some information and pictures.

Kart Skate 2010 [20/8/2010]
Glexe and Jon Harald Aspheim invites to Kart Skate at the Kartfestival this weekend. Here is some information.

Spotcheck: Rud Rampland June 2010 [25/7/2010]
Shortly after the completion of the new bowl at Rud, we found our way there to check it out. Here is some footage and information from the visit.

Spotcheck: Kringsj Miniramp June 2010 [8/7/2010]
The miniramp at Kringsj in Oslo has been renovated, so we decided to stop by and check it out. Here is some information and pictures.

Spotcheck: Torshovrampen June 2010 [8/7/2010]
We stopped by Torshovrampen last month, to check out how it was doing. Here are some pictures and information.