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The ollie is a basic skateboarding trick, that is the foundation of many skateboarding tricks.

Also known as: Ollies [plural]


The Ollie is a skateboarding trick, where the skateboarder jump by pressing the foot down on the tail of the board to rebound the deck off the ground. Check out the article below for more information on how to do the ollie.
World Records:

2011: Aldrin Garcia 45 inches


The ollie was invented by Alan Gelfand in 1978, while Rodney Mullen has been credited with adapting it to flatground in 1983.

  • The History of the Ollie

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    How to ollie with Tony Hawk [9/4/2017]
    Life is nothing but a pile of regrets, until one day Tony Hawk teaches you how to ollie and its great.

    Learn To Skate With HSTDskate [2/10/2016]
    Halmstad Skateboardklubb has put out a learn to skate article for their skate school, with a list of basic trick explanation and videos.

    World Record at Maloof High Ollie Challenge [18/2/2011]
    Aldrin Garcia broke the high ollie world record during the Maloof High Ollie Challenge this month. Here are results and footage from the event.


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    2012: Trick Tips
    Anthony Shetler shows you what it takes to switch up your stance and snap a big one in this break down of the switch ollie. Before you get started snapping, find out if you prefer your nose in the front or back when skating switch. Once you know which direction you want to skate your board for switch stance then you just need to perfect your pop. Hear it from Anthony Shetler what it takes to snap a switch ollie in this Step By Step.
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    2012: Trick Tips
    How-To Ollie Grab with Tony Hawk & Mike Vallely - Retro Trick-a-Day
    Play This Video

    2012: Trick Tips
    How-To Early Grab Ollie With Fritz Mead - Trick-a-day
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    2013: Magazines: Show Picture
    Cover of Dank Magazine issue 5

    2013: NORB NM Junior Street Final: Show Picture
    Daniel Pedersen ollie over the pyramid during the junior final of the Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo, Norway.

    2013: NORB NM Junior Street Final: Show Picture
    Ask Filling ollie down the stairs during the junior final of the Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo, Norway.

    Go Fish:

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    Mjsskate 2017 Stop 3 Results [9/7/2017]
    Here are the results from Lillehammer, the third stop of the Mjsskate contest series.

    Kona Skatepark 40th Results and Footage [7/7/2017]
    Here are results and footage from the 40th anniversary of Kona Skatepark.

    Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Barcelona Footage [29/6/2017]
    The 21st of June Be Skateboarding Mag supported by Nike SB held an event in Macba and Parallel to celebrate the Go Skateboarding Day.

    Stavanger Open 2017 Program [5/6/2017]
    Here is the program for this years Stavanger Open, being held 9-10 June, 2017.

    Mats Hatlem Red Bull Part [26/5/2017]
    The 17-year-old Oslo rampager drops his first major video part with Red Bull!

    Spotcheck: Jordal Bowl April 2017 [19/4/2017]
    The bowl has been cleaned, and missing screws have been replaced. Here are some pictures from a session in the bowl at Jordal Skatepark.

    Damn Am 2017 Atlanta Results and Footage [12/4/2017]
    The first stop of the Damn Am series this year is in the books and already the skating is bonkers. The judges had a tough job for sure, but Marcos Montoya took home first place, with an amazing combination of tricks, all executed flawlessly.

    Spotcheck: Tyenpuppen April 2017 [9/4/2017]
    Here are some pictures from Tyenpuppen today.

    Spotcheck: Jordal Skatepark March 2017 [26/3/2017]
    Here are some pictures from our visit to the skatepark at Jordal. The park has since been cleaned.

    Oslo Spring 2017 #1 [21/3/2017]
    The snow is retreating, so we checked out some Oslo skateparks and skatespots last week.