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Samarria Brevard is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Samaria Brevard


Samarria Brevard was born 22nd September 1993, in Riverside, California, United States of America. [1][2]


She started skateboarding in 2007, after seeing her brother and some friends skate outside their house. [3]

Her stance is goofy.


Samarria Brevard turned pro with Hoopla Skateboards in 2015. [4]

2012 - 201?: Hoopla Skateboards
20?? - xxxx: Bones Wheels
20?? - xxxx: Active Ride Shop
20?? - xxxx: etnies
20?? - xxxx:
2017 - xxxx: Enjoi Skateboards
2017 - : Bronson Speed Co


The first contest she skated was the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. [2]

2013: 04 - X Games Los Angeles Womens Street
2014: 10 - X Games Austin Womens Street
2015: 10 - X Games Austin Womens Street
2016: 05 - X Games Austin Womens Street
2017: 02 - X Games Minneapolis Womens Street


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