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Jamie Foy is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Big Pinch [nickname]


Jamie Foy was born June 14, 1996, in Deerfield Beach, Florida, United States of America. [1][3]


Jamie Foy started skateboarding at age one, on his older sisters board. [1]

His stance is regular.


Jamie Foy entered his first contest at the age of four. [1]


He turned pro with Deathwish Skateboards in 2011. [2]

???? - ????: Nike (Flow)
???? - ????: Baker (Flow)
???? - ????: Hurley (Flow)
???? - ????: Vestal
???? - ????: Ramp48 Skatepark
???? - xxxx: Stance
???? - xxxx: Spitfire
???? - xxxx: Thunder
???? - xxxx: Island Water Sports
???? - xxxx: Bones Swiss
???? - xxxx: Shake Junt
???? - xxxx: Wicked Audio

2016 - xxxx: Diamond footwear
2017 - xxxx: Deathwish Skateboards


2017: Thrasher Skater of the Year

Wake Skate

At age 15-16 Jamie Foy started wake skating at the water park across the street from his house, and eventually became sponsored. [3]


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