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Stavanger is a city in Rogaland, Norway.

Also known as:


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New Norwegian Streetwear and Skate Brand Oakbag [9/8/2018]
Fourteen year old Benjamin Brune and Henrik Eik have started a skate and street wear brand called Oakbag.

Session x Final Supplies Wilderness Tour 2018 [1/7/2018]
Session and Final Supplies are going on a skate and bbq tour, with a screening of footage from the tour at the final stop in Oslo.

Stavanger Open 2018 FL Footage [24/6/2018]
Fonda LaShay has some footage from Stavanger Open.


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2014: Stavanger
Stavanger Open 2014 by Adrenaline By Mountain Dew
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2014: Go Skateboarding Day
Go Skateboarding Day 2014 around Stavanger by matthines2002
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2011: Stavanger Santa Skate
Stavanger santa-skate 2011
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2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Wilderness Tour Poster.

2018: Event Flyers: Show Picture
program poster

2017: Event Flyers: Show Picture
Tasta Open 2017 Poster

Go Fish:

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NORB NM 2018 Program [6/8/2018]
Here is the schedule for this years Norwegian Skateboard championships, being held in Stjrdal, 16-19 August, 2018.

The Norwegian National Skateboard Team [5/1/2018]
NORB has announced the first Norwegian national skateboard team.

Skateboarders Celebrate 17th May [17/5/2017]
Norwegian skateboarders all over the country are partisipating in the parade for the Norwegian Constitution Day.

NORB NM 2017 Oslo [29/3/2017]
With this years Norwegian skateboard championships being held in Oslo, NORB has chosen to spread the event over several locations to highlight the many good skateboard organisations in the city. The event is being held 27-30 July, 2017.

Stjrdal Wants NORB NM 2018 [7/1/2017]
Stjrdal Skateboardklubb wanted to give the skatepark and organisation time to mature, and are applying to host the Norwegian skateboard championships in 2018.

Norwegian Skateboarding in 2016 [3/1/2017]
Join us for a look at some of the ups and downs of Norwegian skateboarding in 2016.

Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017 [7/11/2016]
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.

Street Stavanger Full Video [6/10/2016]
Street Stavanger is a new video from Marius Dirdal, filmed during this summer.

リyvind Svensen Stavanger Part 2016 [20/9/2016]
Norwegian skater リyvind Svensen has moved from Stavanger to Oslo. Here is the last footage he filmed before the he moved.

NORB NM 2016 Roadshow Instagram Footage [9/8/2016]
Here is some instagram footage from the NM Road Show 2016 tour.

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2017: Paradis Skatehall [1/11/2017]

2017: Nye Tasta Skatepark [9/10/2017]

2017: Nye Tasta Skatepark [9/10/2017]

2017: Nye Tasta Skatepark [9/10/2017]

2017: Nye Tasta Skatepark [9/10/2017]

2017: Event Flyers [21/5/2017]

2016: Tasta Skatepark [10/7/2016]

2016: Tasta Skatepark [30/6/2016]

2016: Paradis Skatehall [5/4/2016]

2015: Nye Tasta Skatepark [9/12/2015]