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Chris Russell is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Chris Russel


Chris Russel is from Panama City Beach, Florida, USA.


His stance is regular.


???? - xxxx: Creature Skateboards
???? - ????: S-One
???? - xxxx: Bones
???? - ????: ET Surf and Skate
???? - ????: Dizm
???? - ????: Hoax MFG
???? - xxxx: Independent
???? - ????: Skeleton Key
???? - xxxx: Vans
???? - xxxx: Layback beer
???? - ????: Smokers Choice Papers
???? - xxxx: Pizzanista
???? - xxxx: Red Bull
???? - xxxx: Bronson
???? - xxxx: Brostyle
???? - xxxx: Happy Hour Shades


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Results and Footage from Vans Pool Party 2018.

Chris Russel Thrasher Interview [17/5/2017]
Thrasher presents Chris Russells Guide to Dating.

Sorgente and Russell Skate Bowls in France [17/2/2017]
Cruise with Alex Sorgente and Chris Russell as they embark on a Gallic bowl-hunting session in the concrete riviera of south-west France.


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2015: Alondra Skatepark
You never know how a quick park session will go when Louie Lopez, Mason Silva, and Chris Russell are in the mix. Get the legs greased, and roll through Alondra Park with these rippers.
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2015: Skateboard Parts
Chris Russells American Psycho Part
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2015: Various
Backyard Bowl Skating w/ Chris Russell
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In honor of Mark G and the historic Y-Ramp contest of yesteryear, Thrasher teamed up with adidas to bring the contest back to the beach. The channel claimed a few bodies, Pabich took home the top spot and the G-Man brought down the house.

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Vans Park Series 2017 Vancouver Highlights Footage [10/7/2017]
We returned to the legendary Hastings Park in Vancouver, Canada for the 4th stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series. Every contest seems to get better, and this year Canada was no different. This was Pedro Barros first contest on Canadian soil, and he didnt disappoint the rabid skate fans of Vancouver. The skating was next level, and everyone was putting together video part tricks in their contest runs, but at the end it was Tom Schaar 3rd, Karl Berglind 2nd, and Pedro Barros 1st, claiming his second win of 2017.

Vans Pool Party 2017 Results and Footage [21/5/2017]
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The invited pros for this years Vans Park Series has been announced.

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