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Cody Lockwood is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:


Cody Lockwood is from Portland, Oregon, USA.


His stance is goofy.


Lifeblood, Dakine, Thunder Trucks, Power Rider Wheels, Fallen (flow), Bones Swiss (flow), Tactics Boardshop

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Team Update: Cody Lockwood with Creature [6/8/2018]
Creature Skateboards has welcomed Cody Lockwood to the team.

Red Bull 5 for 5: Cody Lockwood [31/10/2016]
Here we have five heavy hits from one Cody Lockwood, a Portland export and all-terrain skateboarder with transition skills for days.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.


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2013: Interviews
Cody Lockwood Skating Burnside + Answering 5 Quick Questions, Alli Sports My 5.
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2011: Various
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2018: Advertisments: Show Picture
Cody Lockwood Creature Welcome Ad.

Go Fish:

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CPH-BER 2018 Amsterdam Footage [11/8/2018]
After Copenhagen the CPH Pro crew came down to Amsterdam to host a line session on a classic Dutch school bench and a ledge. After that they all took the boat with lots of champagne and went over to the famous Marnix Bowl where people reached hights that they never saw before. If that wasnt enough Skatepark Noord held a deathrace and afterparty. So much in one day and it will only become more in the upcoming days in Berlin, Germany.

Tampa Pro 2018 Results and Footage [11/3/2018]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Pro contest.

Lifeblood Shuts Down Business [9/10/2017]
Unheard Distribution has announced that Lifeblood Skateboards made the decision to shut down its current business, and take a hiatus to determine whether to carry forward in the future.

Tampa Pro 2017 Results and Footage [13/3/2017]
Here are the results and footage from this years Tampa Pro.

Bones Wheels Tribute to Animal Chin [17/2/2017]
The Bones Wheels team pay tribute to 30 Years of Animal Chin.

CPH Open 2016 Results and Footage [17/8/2016]
Here are results and footage from this years Copenhagen Open.

Lincoln City Sweet 16 Bowl Bash Footage [6/10/2015]
Here are results and footage from the Sweet 16 Bowl Bash in Lincoln City.

Ultrabowl 2015 Results and Footage [3/8/2015]
Here are results and some footage from this years Ultra Bowl contest in Sweden.

Betongcupen 2015 Nynashamn Results and Footage [2/8/2015]
Results from the Betongcupen event in Nynashamn.

Ultra Bowl 2014 Results and Footage [19/8/2014]
This years Ultra Bowl was once again cut short due to rain. Here are the results and footage.

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