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Brighton Zeuner is a skateborder.

Also known as: Bri Zeuner

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Brighton Zeuner ABC News Interview [7/2/2018]
Brighton Zeuner got into skateboarding as a young girl because of her older brother, with whom she went to the skate park. ABC News tells the story of how How this 13-year-old girl became the youngest gold medalist in X Games history.

Brighton Zeuner on Pro-Tec [6/10/2017]
Pro-Tec has welcomed Brighton Zeuner to the team.

Vans Park Series HB Womens 1st Footage [4/8/2017]
Brighton Zeuner is on a fire! Off the back of being crowned World Champion in Malmo in 2016, Zeuner showed up and dominated the qualifying event at Huntington Beach.

Brighton Zeuner Vans Park Series Profile Interview [3/8/2017]
Get to know skateboardings first-ever womens park terrain champion, 13-year old Brighton Zeuner. Brighton came out of nowhere last year to claim her title in Malm and we are excited to see what she does this year!

Brighton Zeuner: Road to X Games [2/7/2017]
X Games host Jack Mitrani visits X Games Womens Skateboard Park prodigy Brighton Zeuner at home in Encinitas, California to discuss homework, big brothers and X Games jitters.

Brighton Zeuner Rolling Stone Interview [21/10/2016]
Rolling Stone talked to 12-Year-Old Brighton Zeuner on how she handles being a world champion skateboarder.

Vans Pro Park Series 2016 Womens 1st Footage [21/8/2016]
12 year old Bri Zeuner wrote history with her victory in the 2016 Vans Park Series World Championship at Malmo, Sweden.

Brighton Zeuner 2015 [20/3/2015]
Brighton Zeuner in San Diego, California.

Brighton Zeuner 2014 [6/3/2014]
Brighton Zeuner in Phoenix, Arizona.