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Chris Joslin is an American skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Chris Joslin For Bones Wheels [16/4/2018]
Chris Joslin For Bones Wheels.

Interview: Q&A with Chris Joslin [28/2/2018]
Questions and answers with Chris Joslin.

B Roll: Chris Joslin [5/2/2018]
Chris Joslin B Roll Wednesdays video from Plan B Skateboards.

Populist 2017: Chris Joslin [11/1/2018]
Here is Chris Joslins Populist 2017 video.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2017 Contenders [24/11/2017]
Thrasher Magazine has released the contenders for this years Skater of the Year.

Chris Joslin Real Street Part [1/6/2017]
Watch Chris Joslins entry into Real Street 2017, the all-video, all-street skateboarding contest brought to you by World of X Games.

Tampa Pro 2017 Confirmed Skaters #1 [26/2/2017]
The first 20 confirmed skaters for this years Tampa Pro contest has been announced.

Thrasher Skater of the Year 2015 Contenders [25/11/2015]
Here are the contenders for this years Thrasher Skater of the Year award.

Team Update: Fred Water [9/2/2015]
Tony Hawk, Aaron Jaws Homoki, Jamie Thomas and Chris Joslin are now supporting Fred Water.

etnies Welcomes Chris Joslin [11/10/2014]
etnies has welcomed Chris Joslin to the team. Here is the clip.