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Palace Skateboards is a UK based skateboard company.

Also known as:

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Commercial: Palace Court Date [27/6/2018]
Palace Court Date.

Palace Pro Lucas Puig [12/8/2017]
Lucas Puig has turned pro with Palace Skateboards.

Palace Pro Rory Milanes [7/8/2016]
Rory Milanes has turned pro with Palace Skateboards.

V Nice Video [4/8/2016]
V Nice is a video from Palace Skateboard, featuring the team in LA.

Bernhard Launches Norwegian Palace Team [6/10/2015]
Bernhard Sports recently got the distribution of Palace Skateboards in Norway, and has added Marcus Shaw to the team.

Battle of Normandy 2011 Footage [5/12/2011]
Palace Skateboards from the UK, Magenta Skateboards from France and Radio Skateboards from Germany battled it out in Normandy during 5 days. Here is the footage.