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The United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe.

Also known as: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (full name) / UK / Britain

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New Skatepark In North Lincolnshire [26/3/2017]
A brand new 150,000 skatepark has opened at Baysgarth School in Barton.

House of Vans London Closed For Renovation [26/3/2017]
House of Vans London is currently closed to the public while they renovate their street room.

Battle of Hastings 2017 Results and Footage [17/3/2017]
Here are the results and footage from The Battle of Hastings.

Battle of Hastings 2017 SP Pro/Am Footage [17/3/2017]
Here is Skate Pharmacys footage from the Pro and Am constests at the Battle of Hastings.

Battle of Hastings 2017 SP Footage [17/3/2017]
Here is Skate Pharmacys footage from the Under 16/Girls/masters constests at the Battle of Hastings.

Rooster Bowl Jam 2017 EVM Footage [17/3/2017]
Over 16 Highlights from Trawlers Rooster Bowl Jam at Mount Hawke Skatepark.

Geoff Rowley Rolling Stone Interview [16/3/2017]
The Rolling Stone talked to Geoff Rowley.

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Wheels of Steel 2017 Information [5/3/2017]
Here is the poster fro Wheels of Steel, being held in Corby, UK, 2nd April 2017.

New Skatepark Ready In Handforth [23/2/2017]
A new skatepark located in Stanley Hall Park in Handforth is now complete, replacing the former skatepark which had deteriorated over the years.

UK Miniramp Champs 2017 [20/2/2017]
The UK Miniramp Championships are being held at the Wheels and Fins Festival, September 8 September 10, 2017.

The Black Pool at Mount Hawke Skatepark [20/2/2017]
Footage from the first session in the new Black pool at Mount Hawke Skate Park.

Hull To Become UKs First Skate City [20/2/2017]
Hull aims to become the first skate city in the UK, and will consider skateboading for all new public spaces and buildings where skateboarding can happen safely, rather than work to stop it.

The Battle of Hastings 2017 [20/2/2017]
The Battle of Hasings is being held at The Source Skatepark in Hastings, England, 11th March 2017.

New Indoor Skatepark In Leicestershire [17/2/2017]
A skatepark has been opened in Loughborough at the headquarters of the Leicestershire Youth Development Project (LYDP).

Paper Cut London [8/2/2017]
A film printed on paper starring Jak Pietryga, guest starring Chris Jones.

Skateboarder Killed By Train [3/2/2017]
A 17-year old skateboarder was struck and killed by a train in Abingdon.

UK Vert Series 2017 [5/2/2017]
Here are the events for this years UK Vert series.

South Bank Skatepark Regeneration [27/1/2017]
TimeOut has a story about the plans to regenerate the Undercroft skatepark on the South Bank.

Rooster Bowl Jam 2017 Footage [23/1/2017]
Footage from the skateboarding competition at Mount Hawke.

Stefani Nurding BBC Three Interview [18/1/2017]
Meet British skateboarder Stefani Nurding in this video from BBC Three.

Teenagers Beaten at Olive Lane Skatepark. [10/1/2017]
Two teenagers were beaten with a hockey stick at the Olive Lane Skatepark in Darwen, leaving one with a fractured skull and broken arm.

Edmond Skatepark NewsOK Feature [9/1/2017]
NewsOK takes a look at the skatepark in Edmond.

Baltimore Skatepark Finish Pase 2 [31/12/2016]
Skateboarders in Baltimore were trying out their holiday gift on Monday. The final touches on a new skate park in Hampden were completed this month.

The Rooster Bowl Jam 2017 [22/12/2016]
The Mount Hawke indoor skatepark is getting a new bowl, and a bowl jam is being held on Sunday, January 8, 2017.

High Snobiety Looks At Sex Skateboards [21/12/2016]
Sex Skateboards is a new UK brand headed up by artist and skater Louis Slater.

Guide To Saving A Skatespot [16/12/2016]
Kingpin Magazine looks at the success story of Long Live Southbank in this guide to saving a skatespot.

Woman Rapen at Ipswich Skatepark [16/12/2016]
Police have launched an investigation after a woman was raped in Ipswich skatepark.

Girl Skate UK Barcelona Tour 2016 Footage [10/11/2016]
Girl Skate UK went on a trip to Barcelona this summer. Here is the footage.

Bullies and Vandals at Nailsea Skatepark [2/11/2016]
Bullies and vandals are making Nailsea Skatepark a no-go area for children and parents

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