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The United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe.

Also known as: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (full name) / UK / Britain

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Rooster Bowl Jam 2018 [17/1/2018]
The Rooster Bowl Jam at Mount Hawke Skatepark is back! Sunday 28th January 2018.

Ryhl To Get Skatepark [15/1/2018]
Rhyl bowling green club set for skatepark.

Trailer: Blokes [27/12/2017]
Blokes is a new skate video from Ed Hubert. Coming some time in 2018.

Isbitarna Open 2017 Results and Footage [18/12/2017]
On the 9th of December some of Scandinavias and UKs most stoked skaters gathered in Stockholm for the 2017 edition of Isbitarna Open.

Tour Footage: Vans Russia and Vans UK in Russia [10/12/2017]
In summer 2017 Vans Russia hosted Vans UK ambasadors on locations of Moscow, Samara and Kazan. A good line up of all kinds of Russian spots mixed with skateboarding. A week-long Russian-British journey through 3 big Russian cities.

Full Part: Korahn Gayle for Grey Skate Mag [30/11/2017]
Korahn Gayle full part for Grey Skateboard Magazine.

VIP Action At Mwadlands Skatepark [26/11/2017]
The Palace crew exhalts the glory of an influential British skatepark of yesteryear, and theyve opened it to the public. Heres a glimpse of the VIP action...

Exeter Reopens Temporary Skatepark [16/11/2017]
Skatepark back up and running in Exeter with temporary equipment.

Emerica in Manchester 2017 Tour Footage [2/11/2017]
Grey Mag has some footage of the Emerica team in Manchester.

Thornbury Skatepark Redevelopment Plans [30/10/2017]
A public consultation has been launched today over plans to redevelop Thornburys skate park.

Plans To Upgrade Swanmore Skatepark [30/10/2017]
Parishioners and skate park users are invited to give their views on the design, which will see a modern concrete design replace the current metal version.

Fox Trapped at Everton Skatpark [27/10/2017]
A fox had to be rescued by RSPCA after it became stuck at the bottom of a bowl at Everton Park Skatepark.

Badger Stranded at Brinton Park Skatepark [27/10/2017]
A stranded badger was given a helping hand by the RSPCA after it got stuck in a childrens skate park in Kidderminster.

Alex Decunha Am Search Interview [26/10/2017]
In this interview from Dew Tour Am Series Barcelona, we hear from United Kingdoms Alex Decunha. After watching Alexs insane Am Search submission video we knew he was on another level. Not only is he able to put down mind-boggling tricks on tape, but is also under pressure at a contest. His performance during the cash for tricks earned him some Euros and placed second on Sundays final day of competition. Learn more about the Alex in his interview.

Youth Starts Bonfire at Whitleigh Skatepark [25/10/2017]
A gang of 18 youths started a major blaze the Whitleigh skatepark in Plymouth, after dragging more than half a dozen wheelie bins from the surrounding houses and making an enormous bonfire.

Mwadlands Skatepark Opening [23/10/2017]
Palace are opening their new skatepark Mwadlands, based on the original Radlands, in Peckham on Wednesday October 25th, 2017.

Teversham Could Loose Skatepark Over Noisy Kids [23/10/2017]
A Cambridge skatepark could be flattened because kids are too noisy. Teversham Parish Council has received legal orders to tackle the problem.

Charlton Skatepark Has Opened [23/10/2017]
Unperturbed by Storm Brian, a decent crowd showed up in Charlton Park to witness the official opening of the skatepark.

Intimidating Fireworks at Hyson Green Skatepark [23/10/2017]
Residents feel intimidated by youths setting off fireworks at a Hyson Green skatepark

DC Special Delivery Tour 2017 Footage [18/10/2017]
DC Special Delivery Tour was back for the 3rd consecutive and made its way through Barcelona, Prague, Amsterdam, London, Paris and Berlin this last summer to check out Europes top skate spots and meet the locals.

Concrete Dinosaurs Part 3: Livingston Skatepark [18/10/2017]
The Concrete Dinosaurs crew of Raven Tershy, Rune Glifberg, Ben Hatchell and Sam Beckett hooked up with local heads for a power shred at the UKs most celebrated concrete skatepark of all.

Hastings Skatepark Nominated For Award [18/10/2017]
The Source skate park has been shortlisted for a national award.

Newquay Gets New Skatepark [9/10/2017]
A new skatepark will replace the existing Wooden Waves skatepark at Trenance Park, after Newquay town council secured 650,000 of funding. Work is due to start next year.

Atlantic Drift Episode 5: Hippy Jumps [29/9/2017]
Weve all seen our share of hippy jumps, but never anything like this. The Drifters picked up the game, took it for a spin, flipped it and changed it forever. Enjoy...

Kippax Skatepark Has Opened [29/9/2017]
The Lord Mayor of Leeds, Coun Jane Dowson, did the honours at a ceremony to mark the official opening of a new skate park in Kippax.

Concrete Dinosaurs Part 2: Harrow Skatepark [27/9/2017]
Heres the second part of a series of edits celebrating the UK Concrete Dinosaurs, the skateparks that survived the bust of the 1970s and are still skated today.

Small Dole Reopens Skatepark [15/9/2017]
A skate park in Small Dole has been reopened to the public after a refurbishment funded by Upper Beeding Parish Council.

Exeter is getting a new skatepark [15/9/2017]
A new facility is to be built at Arena Park to replace the dilapidated skate park at the same location.

Safety Concerns at Market Daryton Skatepark [15/9/2017]
Fences call over safety concerns at new 150,000 Market Drayton skate park.

The Scottish Heatwave Trip 2017 Tour Footage [6/9/2017]
A select few from the Vans UK team (along with some new blood) headed up to the Northern realms of Scotland to hit up and rip the raw concrete parks it has to offer. With anticipation of rainy and cold weather, they were pleasantly surprised to be met with a heatwave that passed through.

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