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The Kingdom of Norway is a country and constitutional monarchy in Northern Europe.

Also known as: Norge [bokml] / Noreg [nynorsk] / The Kingdom of Norway [offficial english]

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Nordmarka Vrterl Best Trick Results and Footage [11/1/2018]
Here are the results and footage from the Nordamarka Vrterl Best Trick contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Magz and Shaw at Arena Bekkestua Skatepark [11/1/2018]
Magz and Shaw visits the indoor skatepark at Bekkestua in this Blowin Up The Spot clip from Joergen Johannessen

Video: AYN Crew at Grenland Skatehall [11/1/2018]
AYN Crew visited the indoor skatepark in Skien for a session.

Bright European Skateboard Awards 2018 Nominees [11/1/2018]
Here are the nominees for the Bright European Skateboard Awards Results will be announced at the Bright Awards Ceremony on January 16th, 2018.

Full Video: B:Aurora 2 [10/1/2018]
B:Aurora Skateboards has put out their second video.

Best of 2017: Street Treats Raw and Complete [10/1/2018]
A compilation of all the footage from the Street Treats series from 2017.

Norwegian Skate Team TV2 Interview [10/1/2018]
TV2 talked to Karsten Kleppan and Henning Braaten about the new Norwegian national skateboarding team.

Norwegian Skate Team FVN Interview [10/1/2018]
Fdrelandsvennen talked to Petter Brunvatne, Jonas Carlsson and Henning Braaten about the new Norwegian national skateboarding team.

X Games Returns To Oslo [7/1/2018]
Now in its third year, X Games Norway will bring Ski and Snowboard Big Air and Skateboard Street competitions back to downtown Oslo and to Fornebu in Brum May 16 20 in celebration of Norways constitution day on 17 May.

Norwegian Skate Team stlandsposten Interview [7/1/2018]
stlandsposten talked to Tonje Pedersen, Hermann Stene, Gard Hvaara, Henning Braaten and Kjetil Ostling about the new Norwegian national skateboard team.

Norwegian Skate Team Dagbladet Interview [7/1/2018]
Dagbladet talked to Henning Braaten and Karsten Kleppan about the new Norwegian national skateboard team.

The Norwegian National Skateboard Team [5/1/2018]
NORB has announced the first Norwegian national skateboard team.

Full Video: We Out Here [5/1/2018]
We Out Here is a new Norwegian skateboard video from Jens Ugland.

Full Video: Iron III [5/1/2018]
Here is the full Iron III video.

NORB New Year Speach 2017 [1/1/2018]
Here is the annual new year speach from the NORB president.

Tour Footage: Nike SBs I-58 Tour [31/12/2017]
There are some big names on this road trip but they keep it core by hitting skateshops, raw streets, and old school demos. These guys are incredible.

Self-Organised Sports Gets Resource Center [30/12/2017]
Landsforeningen Ungdom og Fritid and Oslo Skateboardforening have been tasked with establishing and operating a resource center for self-organized sports in Norway.

Wants Roof Over Stjrdal Skatepark [30/12/2017]
Stjrdal Skateboardforening are looking into getting a roof over the skatepark.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Street Footage [27/12/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav has made this edit from the All Terrain Ripper street contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Opplev Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
#opplevoslo presents the indoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Spotcheck: Solenklar Skatepark December 2017 [23/12/2017]
The leader of Vestby SSB visited the new skatepark in Mandal. Here are some pictures.

Lillehammer Completes Indoor Skatepark [23/12/2017]
The new indoor skatepark in Lillehammer has been completed in time for the Xmas Jam.

New Micro at Grenland Indoor Skatepark [23/12/2017]
Grenland Skateboardklubb has added a microramp to the indoor skatepark in Skien.

Soleklar Skatepark Has Been Completed [23/12/2017]
Landskapsentrepenrene has completed the new Soleklar Skatepark in Mandal.

Nordmarka Best Trick at Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
Nordmarka Vrterl and Karsten Kleppa invites to a best trick contest at Oslo Skatehall on January 6th, 2018.

Dampsaga Xmas Jam 2017 [23/12/2017]
Dampsaga Skatehall invites to a christmas jam on 26th December, 2017.

Oslo Skatehall 1 Year Anniversary [23/12/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Oslo celebrates one year on Saturday 13th January, 2018.

Torshovrampen Edit [22/12/2017]
Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah made this edit from Torshovrampen in Oslo.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 Bowl Footage [22/12/2017]
Footage from the bowl jam at this years Trikkestallen Xmas Jam in Trondheim.

Trikkestallen Xmas Jam 2017 SnB Footage [22/12/2017]
Slammers and Bangers from this years Trikkestallen Xmas Jam in Trondheim.

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