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Skatpark in Sola, Norway.

Also known as: Sola Skatepark

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Stangeland Skatepark Officially Opened [22/4/2017]
Solabladet has a story about the official opening of the new skatepark in Sola.

Stangelands Skatepark Official Opening [20/4/2017]
Sola Skateklubb invites to the official opening of the new skatepark at Stangeland today, 20th April 2017.

Stangeland Senter Skatepark Build Progress [17/12/2016]
Assembly of the obstacles has begun at the new skatepark in Sola.

Sola Skatepark Ready In A Few Weeks [3/12/2016]
The new 600 square meter skatepark at Stangeland Senter in Sola will be ready in a few weeks.

Sola Gets New Skatepark [19/11/2016]
Construction of a new pre-fab skatepark from Unisports has started at Stangeland Senter in Sola.