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Sour Pro Simon Isaksson [24/10/2017]
Simon Isaksson is the latest Sour Skateboards pro.

Hella Dramatic Raw Files [19/4/2017]
The raw footage from the making of Sours Hella Dramatic video.

Sour Hella Dramatic [28/3/2017]
The Sour team comes through and crushes it once again in another amazing edit.

Bright Awards 2017 Results and Footage [31/1/2017]
Here are results and footage from the 6th edition of the Bright European Skateboarding Awards.

The Sour Files Episode 20 [4/1/2017]
Lomar mixed up all the episodes thus far. Happy New Year!

The Sour Files Episode 19 [23/12/2016]
Here is episode 19 of The Sour Files.

The Sour Files Episode 18 [13/12/2016]
A Shanghai/Barcelona mix!

The Sour Files Episode 17 [13/12/2016]
More Shanghai tapes with the gang! That EJP manual banger at the end...

The Sour Files Episode 16 [17/11/2016]
This ones a Shanghai special, Lomar took all the stuff they filmed from the Weining Lu Plaza.

Burn The Borders Raw Files 2016 Tour Footage [4/11/2016]
The Sour x Sk8Mafia tour was incredible, the video was awesome, now heres a bunch of stuff you didnt see. Jonathan Lomar put together this long-form edit of the footage from our Sour x Sk8mafia European vacation. Sit back, grab a sandwich and enjoy.

The Sour Files Episode 15 [31/10/2016]
Another transmission from our brothers overseas during the making of their classic Sour Solution.

The Sour Files Episode 14 [11/10/2016]
An Austria/Germany special!

The Sour Files Episode 13 [29/9/2016]
A little Copenhagen/Sweden special.

Burn the Borders 2016 Tour Footage [20/9/2016]
Sour and Sk8mafia tour through Spain and France.

The Sour Files Episode 11 [11/9/2016]
A Sweden/Finland trip special!

The Sour Files Episode 10 [17/8/2016]
Gustav Tonnesen, Koffe Hallgren, Simon Isaksson, Barney Page and Erik J Pettersson. EJPs frontside noseslide and Gustavs ender!

The Sour Files Episode 9 [5/8/2016]
Nisse, Gustav, Spangs, Javi, Josef, EJP, Ulph and more friends round out this episode of the Files.

The Sour Files Episode 8 [19/7/2016]
Jonas, Nisse, Gustav, Josef, Ulph, and Daniel Spangs take it back to the glorious spots of Barcelona in this round of The Sour Files

The Sour Files Episode 7 [10/7/2016]
More Sour Solution flashbacks with Magnus Bordewick, Nisse Ingemarsson, Gustav Tonnesen, Josef Scott Jatta, and Daniel Spangs

The Sour Files Episode 6 [10/7/2016]
Josef Scott Jatta, Nisse Ingemarsson, Simon Isaksson, Daniel Spangs, and Gustav Tonnesen get wild in the days and nights of Barcy and Nisse nails the no comply 50-50!

The Sour Files Episode 5 [10/7/2016]
More bangers from the making of The Sour Solution. Gustav Tonnesen, Nisse Ingemarsson, Daniel Spangs and Koffe Hallgren.

The Sour Files Episode 4 [10/7/2016]
Gustav and Simon lace up Barceloneta and Nisse drops bangers left and right. Koffe Hallgren and Daniel Spangs makes their first appearance. Those spots are insane!

The Sour Files Episode 3 [17/5/2016]
Nisse, Gustav, Daniel, and Simon on a grip of filming expeditions for Sour Skateboards The Sour Solution.

The Sour Files Episode 2 [28/4/2016]
Episode 2 features Simon Isaksson, Nisse Ingmarsson, Gustav Tonnesen, and Daniel Spangs.

The Sour Files Episode 1 [13/4/2016]
To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the birth of Sour Skateboards, heres Transworlds new series from the Sour Skateboards.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

Sour Paral-lel Mixtape [29/9/2015]
Paral-lel was undoubtedly one of the worlds most emblematic spots. The yellow ground, the benches, the manual pads, all served as the Sour teams second home for years. Now that the old Paral-lel is gone, Sour Skateboards wanted to create a board series and a mixtape paying homage to this legendary spot.