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The Damn Am is an amateur skateboarding contest series.

Also known as: Damn Am Contest Series / DamnAm

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Damn Am 2018 Chicago Results and Footage [20/8/2018]
Damn Am 2018 Chicago Results and Footage

Damn Am 2018 Chicago Finals Footage [15/8/2018]
Six of the 12 skaters who made Finals in Chicago were former Damn Am winners. But everyone killed it and was in the running until the very last runs. Youll see.

Damn Am 2018 Chicago Marcos Montoya Footage [15/8/2018]
Marcos did his only kickflip front crook of the weekend when it counted most, in the Finals. And in addition to skating away with the win he goes straight to the Semi-Finals at Tampa Am. Yeah Marcos!

Damn Am 2018 Chicago Qualifiers&Best Trick Footage [15/8/2018]
Pros hate the Damn Am because every one of the kids skating it are coming for em. Chicago Qualifiers went OFF, and then Lucas Rabelo shut it down in best trick... but of course he did.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Jorge Simoes Footage [25/6/2018]
See if you can spot the exact moment that Jorge sealed the deal on his win. Either way he killed it and got 3000 and a spot in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Yeah Jorge!

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Finals Footage #2 [25/6/2018]
The only thing possibly better than the views, the people, the parties and everything else rad in Barcelona was the level of skateboarding in the Finals. And Brazil, Portugal, and Japan went berserk in the battle for top three. Check it!

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Finals Footage #1 [25/6/2018]
DAMNNNN the Damn Am Barcelona 2018 is over and it was a blast. A perfect park right on the beach and skaters from al over the world made the first Damn Am in Barcelona on of the best events of 2018 so far.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Results and Footage [25/6/2018]
Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Results and Footage

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Qualification Footage #2 [24/6/2018]
The Damn Am Barcelona Qualification day is over and just like the practice the skating was on a whole other level. Joorge Simoes took home first place and with that a straight shot to the finals. Take a look at the recap of day.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Qualifiers Footage [24/6/2018]
Skaters from Austria to Australia put it down in Barcy trying to make a 30 cut to Semis. Guess what, they slayed. Then everyone went mental for Best Trick and Angelo Caro cab flipped to back lip down the handrail.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Practice Footage #2 [24/6/2018]
Practice time for the Damn Am Barcelona, Spain. With the top riders from all over the world, skating was insane!

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Practice Footage #1 [24/6/2018]
Imagine your fantasy city, with spots everywhere, amazing people, rad scenery, non-stop parties, etc. and youre just scratching the surface of what Barcelona serves up in real life every single day. Oh, and a legendary skatepark right on the beach. The Damn Am is already going off, and its just practice.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Promo Video [11/6/2018]
Damn Am and Nike SB set their sights on the next stop of the tour: Barcelona!

Damn Am 2018 LA Maurio McCoy Footage [7/6/2018]
Back in May the squad went to Damn AM at ETN in LA. It was the first time they opened their doors to the public for a skate event and it was one of the best Damn Ams to date. The whole crew ripped and Maurio McCoy took home the win. Check the video to see everyone ripping and to see Maurio McCoys winning run.

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona [26/5/2018]
Damn Am 2018 Barcelona is beig held Jun 22 - Jun 24, 2018.

Damn Am Japan 2018 SPoT Life Trip Edit Footage [19/5/2018]
It turns out that street skating is about the most illegal thing you can do in Japan. But we tried. Plus a grip of footage from the contest that you didnt already see.

Damn Am Japan 2018 Finals Footage [19/5/2018]
Damn Ams Finals are amazing everywhere they go. So what about Japan? Maybe the AMAZINGEST.

Damn Am 2018 Japan Results and Footage [14/5/2018]
Results and footage from Damn Am 2018 Japan.

Damn Am 2018 Japan Sora Shirai Footage [9/5/2018]
In addition to packing his run with the most insanely difficult tricks, Sora made it easy for the judges by doing it all flawlessly. He also locked up his spot in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals. Sora!

Damn Am 2018 Japan Qualifiers & Best Trick Footage [5/5/2018]
Qualifiers and the Independent Best Trick contest at Damn Am Japan could both be summed up with two words: Daisuke Ikeda!

Damn Am 2018 Japan Practice Footage [4/5/2018]
Straight up, the talent level of the kids skating the Higashi-Shizuoka Skatepark for Damn Am Japan can only be matched by how amazingly awesome the entire Japanese scene is. Check it!

Damn Am 2018 Los Angeles Results and Footage [1/5/2018]
Here are results and footage from the Damn Am Los Angeles contest.

Damn Am 2018 Los Angeles Maurio McCoy Footage [1/5/2018]
The Finals usually comes down to the last few runs with the winner barely edging out 2nd place. Not this time. After Maurio McCoys last run there wasnt any doubt hed won it, and he gets a spot in the Tampa Am Semi-Finals for his efforts.

Damn Am 2018 Los Angeles Finals Footage [1/5/2018]
The Finals at ETN Studios were one of the best to date, with the top 12 skaters of the weekend going all out. And the ending? Well youre going to have to see it to believe it.

Damn Am 2018 LA Qualifiers / Best Trick Footage [1/5/2018]
The Qualifiers are all about making the top 30 cut to the Semis. Someone forgot to tell these dudes that it wasnt already the Finals. Aaaaaand the Muska came out to check it

Damn Am 2018 Los Angeles Practice Footage [1/5/2018]
ETN Studios opens up their course for the first Damn Am of 2018. And heres a taste of the 150 registered skaters with a sampling of how good the actual contest will be.

Damn Am 2017 NYC Results and Footage [27/9/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Damn Am NYC contest.

Damn Am 2017 NYC Finals RIDE Footage [26/9/2017]
The final stop of the 2017 Damn Am came down to the last few runs. Multi-stop winners Maurio McCoy and Daisuke Ikeda were looking like the guys to beat, but Ivan Monteiro had other plans.

Damn Am 2017 NYC Practice RIDE Footage [26/9/2017]
You want to get an idea who is going to win a contest? Then look to see whos ripping in practice. Based on Damn Am NYC practice, it looks like any of them might win.

Damn Am 2017 NYC Mannys World Footage [26/9/2017]
Mannys World at the Damn Am NYC event.

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