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Michael Sommer is a Norwegian skateboarder.

Also known as:

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Session Invitational 2017 Riderslist [4/8/2017]
Here are the invited skaters for the 18th annual Session Invitational.

NORB NM 2017 Results and Footage [30/7/2017]
Here are the final results and footage from this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

Almost A Minute Episode 3 [18/4/2017]
Episode three of Almost a Minute features the Almost team riders out in the streets having some fun.

Oslo Skatehall Michael Sommer Line [3/2/2017]
A little line from Michael Sommer at the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Oslo Skatehall Michael Sommer Footage [28/1/2017]
Michael Sommer does a couple of maneuvers at the new indoor skatepark in Oslo.

Oslo Games 2016 Results and Footage [10/10/2016]
Here are the results and footage from this years Oslo Games.

Oslo Games 2016 4th Place Footage [10/10/2016]
Team Strm placed fourth in this years Oslo Games contest. Here is the video.

Oslo Games 2016 Team Martin [23/9/2016]
Martin Stuve Strm has picked out his crew for this years Oslo Games Go.

NORB NM 2016 Results and Footage [31/7/2016]
Here are the results from the Norwegian skateboard championships held at Tasta Skatepark in Stavanger.

Next Wave: Michael Sommer [2/7/2016]
With an impressive outing this years Battle At The Berrics 9, the world got acquainted with Sommers incredible precision. The summer of Sommer starts now.

Michaels Sommers Nollie Bigspin Kickflip [26/6/2016]
Michael Sommer shows you how to do a proper Nollie Bigspin Kickflip in this Trickipedia video from The Berrics.

Michael Sommer BATB9 Playboard Interview [12/4/2016]
Playboard talked to Michael Sommer about meeting Carlos Iqui, nerves, tactics and who he hopes to meet next.

Battle at the Berrics 9 [19/3/2016]
The 9th Battle at the Berrics will feature a lineup with some new blood.

Michael Sommer VX Part [9/3/2016]
Here is another full part from Norwegian skater Michael Sommer.

Skateboarding Hightlights 2015 [31/1/2016]
Here is a look back at some of the skateboarding hightlights of 2015.

Nike SB The Bridge 2015 Tour Footage [18/1/2016]
The Bridge is not a Scandinavian crime drama television series, but a clip featuring the Nike SB Euro team, filmed in 4 days in Malmo and Copenhagen.

Sommer Invitational 2015 Results and Footage [24/8/2015]
Here are results and footage from this years Michael Sommer Invitational.

Skate Oslo with Michael Sommer [20/7/2015]
Join Michael Sommer for a day of skating in Oslo, Norway.

Skate School in Ulsteinvik [2/6/2015]
Michael Sommer and Robin Lindquist will be teaching skateboarding in Ulsteinvik 10. June 2015.

Michael Sommer at Stoner Plaza [26/5/2015]
Here are some raw clips of Michael Sommer at Stoner Plaza.

Michael Sommer at Cherry Park [25/4/2015]
Here are is a clip of Michael Sommer skating Cherry Park.

Michael Sommer Playboard Interview [21/4/2015]
Michael Sommer talks about hit trip to USA and filming in his latest Playboard interview.

Michael Oslo Sommer Interview [10/1/2015]
Playboard talks to Michael Sommer about his new Oslosommer part.

Michael Sommer Oslosommer Part [5/1/2015]
Oslosommer is a new full part from Michael Sommer.

Michael Sommer Bekkis Part [18/12/2014]
Michael Sommer turned a few sessions at Bekkestua Skatepark into this part.

5 Questions With Michael Sommer [16/12/2014]
Michael Sommer talked to about his travels to Barcelona, filming, sponsors and plans.

Michael Sommer Portrait [8/8/2014]
Michael Sommer (subtitled) is a portrait of Michael Sommer, made by Jrgen stbye Johannessen.

Skate p Liseberg 2014 [1/6/2014]
Here is some information about the third annual Skate at Liseberg event.

Michael Sommer Full Part 2014 [1/4/2014]
Check out the Michael Sommer Almost x Session part.

Michael Sommer on Nike EU [10/2/2014]
Michael Sommer has been added to the European Nike team.

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