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Lambertseter Skatepark is a small outdoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Skateparken p Lambertseter / Lambertseter Rullebrettanlegg / Oslo Skatepark

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Spotcheck: Lambertseter Skatepark April 2017 [19/4/2017]
The pre-fab skatepark at Lambertseter in Oslo is getting a bit worn.

Spotcheck: Lambertseter Skatepark April 2008 [25/4/2008]
Having read about the skatepark online, we figured it was time to see it for ourself. Here are the pictures and information from our visit to Lambertseter Skatepark.

Find Your Way To Lambertseter Skatepark [25/4/2008]
Here is some information on busses and subways that can take you to Lambertseter Skatepark, as well as some additional information and resources for those of you who want to drive there.