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Koigen Skatepark is a skatepark in Hamar, Norway.

Also known as: Koigen Betongpark / Hamar Skatepark / Hamar Betongpark

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Sky Brown at Koigen Skatepark [11/6/2018]
Sky Browns visited Koigen Skatepark in Hamar, Norway.

Mjsskate 2017 Program [11/5/2017]
Mjsskate will consist of 20 contests, spread over four days in June and July, with a 60.000 NOK prize pot.

Surveilance at Koigen Skatepark [9/7/2016]
A new survillance camera is now operational at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar, because the police got information that drugs were being distributed there.

Vandalism at Koigen Skatepark [11/6/2016]
The new bowl at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar has been closed for cleanup, after someone poured oil into it.

Bowl at Koigen Skatepark Closes [12/5/2016]
The new bowl at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar is being closed after 17th May due to work around the bowl. Hamar Kommune hopes the bowl will open again in the end of June.

Bowl Completed In Hamar [14/12/2015]
Betongpark has completed the new bowl at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar.

Bowl at Koigen Skatepark Ready Before Christmas [6/12/2015]
Betongpark has announced that they will complete the new bowl in Hamar before christmas.

First Pour at Koigen Skatepark [19/11/2015]
Betongpark has started pouring the new concrete bowl at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar.

Koigen Skatepark Bowl Construction [23/10/2015]
Construction of the new bowl at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar has started.

Hamar Skatepark Gets Bowl [1/9/2015]
Paul Berg AS and Betongpark starts building the new 175 square meter bowl in Hamar this fall, and plans to have it finished by christmas.

Special Sand For Koigen Skatepark [6/6/2015]
Hamar Kommune has invested in special sand for the beach volley park to prevent sand from travelling into the skatepark.

Wants Camera Surveilance At Koigen [16/5/2015]
The police in Hamar wants a camera at Koigen to prevent the use and sale of narcotics.

Trains Could Ruin Koigen Skatepark [18/3/2015]
With a busy two track railroad beside it, the skatepark in Hamar could become a less attractive place to hang out.

Koigen Open 2014 Program [10/8/2014]
Here is the program for this years Koigen Open in Hamar.

Koigen Open 2014 Dates [7/7/2014]
This years Koigen Open is being held 6-7 September.

Koigen Skatepark Upgrades [14/10/2013]
Koigen Skatepark is being upgraded next year. Here is some information.

Mountain Dew Adrenaline Sessions 2013 [12/6/2013]
Adrenaline by Mountain Dew are hosting skate contests around Norway this summer.

Hamar Gets Skate Money [8/1/2013]
Hamar Skateboardklubb got 1.000.0000 kr from Gjensidigestiftelsen, and wants to build a bowl at Koigen Skatepark.

Hamar Open 2012 Results and Footage [15/9/2012]
Here are the results and footage from this years Hamar Open.

Hamar Open 2012 [3/9/2012]
Here is the schdule and informatio for this years Hamar Open.

Hamar Open 2012 [17/8/2012]
Here are the dates and some information about this years Hamar Open to be held in Hamar in September.

Koigen Skatepark Upgrades [17/8/2012]
Hamar Skateklubb wants to expand Koigen Skatepark, but have only got approval for three new obstacles.

Koigen Open 2011 Results and Footage [10/9/2011]
Due to bad weaher, this years Koigen Open was moved to the indoor skatepark in Hamar. Here are results and footage.

Koigen Open 2011 [28/8/2011]
The annual Koigen Open is being held in Hamar next month. Here is some information about the event.

16 Tricks With Kevin Bkkel [2/7/2011]
Kevin Bkkel shows you 16 tricks at Koigen Skatepark in Hamar.

Whitmonday Grill Chill in Hamar [10/6/2011]
Boards and More and Alien Workshop is hosting an even at Koigen for Whitmonday. Here is some information.

Koigen Open 2010 Results and Footage [14/9/2010]
The annual Koigen Open skateboard contest was held in Hamar recently. Here are the results from the event.

Koigen Open 2010 [31/8/2010]
Vox Footwear and Hamar Skateklubb invites to the annual Koigen Open in Hamar this weekend. Here is the program for the event.

Stay Gold Norway Tour [27/8/2010]
The Norwegian Emerica team is taking Stay Gold on a trip around the country to watch the movie, skate and bbq. Here is the information.

Hamar Open 2010 [4/8/2010]
Format invites to Hamar Open at Koigen Skatepark this weekend. Here is the program and information about the event.

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