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Flyahallen is an indoor skatepark in Troms, Norway.

Also known as: Troms Skatehall / Troms Indoor Skatepark

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Nord og Ned at Flyahallen Skatepark [9/10/2017]
Footage from the indoor skatepark in Troms, shot during the months of February and March 2017.

Troms Girl Skate Promo [11/4/2017]
Promo for the girl skate events at Flyahallen Skatepark every Thursday.

Spotcheck: Flyahallen Skatepark 2015 [29/12/2015]
Here is an updated picture of the indoor skatepark in Troms.

Adrenaline Session 2013 Troms Bod Trondheim [4/11/2013]
Here are results and footage from the Adrenaline Sessions most flip tricks in a row contests in Troms, Bod and Trondheim.

Flyahallen Skatepark Gets Smaller [4/6/2012]
The indoor skatepark in Troms has been shrunk once again. Here is some information.

More News From NORB in 2011 [22/1/2012]
Here are the latest news and updates from NORB.

Spotcheck: Flyahallen Skatepark July 2011 [29/8/2011]
While in Troms we popped by the indoor skatepark to check it out. Here is some footage and information.

Zero Best Trick in Troms [4/11/2010]
Zero Skateboards and Erik Johnsen invites to a best tric contest in Troms this weekend. Here is some information.

Origin Premier and Best Trick in Troms [29/10/2010]
Badlands are showing the new Habitat movie and arranging a best trick contest in Troms today. Here is some information about the event.

Bernhard Skate School Tour 2010 [11/10/2010]
Bernhard Sports is taking their skate school on a tour of the indoor parks in Norway. Here is some informaton.

Shit Arctic Skate Camps [1/10/2010]
Shit is arranging their first Arctic skatecamps in Bod and Troms this month. Here is some information on the events.

Badlands Launches Fanzine [9/9/2010]
Badlands are celebrating the launch of their new fanzine with three days of fanzinefest. Here is some information about the events.

The Monsoon Tour 2010 [10/5/2010]
Bernhard Sports is taking their new skateboard movie on tour around the county. Check out the schedule and information here.

Badlands Relaunch Contest Results and Footage [24/4/2010]
Badlands arranged a contest for the official re-openning of the indoor skatepark in Troms. here is some footage and information.

Spotcheck: Flyahallen Skatepark April 2010 [24/4/2010]
Flyahallen Skatepark in Troms reopened recently after having been closed for rebuilds. We visited the park to check it out.

Badlands Re-Launch Weekend [23/2/2010]
Badlands Skateshop in Troms is moving to a new location, and celebrates with a weekend dedikated to skate, music and good times. Here is some information.

Skatejam and Highest Ollie in Troms [1/7/2009]
Swag invites to a skate jam in Troms today, where you also get a chance to enter the Enjoi Highest Ollie contest. Here is the information.

Badlands Skatejam Results [31/10/2008]
The Badlands Skatejam was one of the last contest to be held at Flyahallen Skatepark before it gets shrunk down in size. Here are the results.

Badlands Skatejam Program [24/10/2008]
Badlands Skateshop is arranging a contest at Flyahallen skatepark today, friday. Here is some information and the program for the event.

50-50 Contest Flyahallen Program [23/10/2008]
Today the 50-50 skateshop in Troms is arranging a contest at Flyahallen skatepark in Troms. Here is the program and more information.

Spotcheck: Troms Skateboardhall August 2008 [6/8/2008]
The indoor skatepark at Flyahallen has provided shelter for skaters in Troms the last four years. We stopped by to check it out while visiting Troms.