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Bromsjordet is an outdoor skatepark in Horten, Norway.

Also known as: Horten Skatepark

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Bromsjordet Skatepark Since 1998 Promo [19/6/2018]
Horten Skateboardklubb built the first vert ramp at Bromsjordet in 1998.

Bowling at Bromsjordet Skatepark [5/5/2018]
The renovation of the bowl at Bromsjordet is being celebrated with a bowl session on Saturday 5th May, 2018.

Bromsjordet Skatepark Gets 1.3 Million [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Horten is getting 1.3 million NOK from the municipality for upgrades.

Horten Skatepark Wants To Ban Kickbikes [25/8/2017]
Horten Skatepark will be working to ban kickbikes from Bromsjordet Skatepark next year, as the current rules are not being followed.

Horten Skatepark Lost Webcam [19/8/2017]
The webcam that was set up 8-9 years ago to let skaters know if the skatepark was dry and give the park exposure, has been turned off after complaints.

Political Kickbike Conflict at Horten Skatepark [19/8/2017]
The politicians in Horten will have to settle the conflict between skaters and kickbike kids at Horten Skatepark.

Kickbike Argument At Bromsjordet Skatepark [12/8/2017]
The conflict between skaters and kickbike kids is raging in Horten these days.

Vert Ramp Renovation At Horten Skatepark [16/6/2017]
The vert ramp in Horten is being fixed after receiving 180.000 NOK from Sparebankstiftelsen DnB.

Horten Skatepark Gets Vert Money [4/6/2017]
Sparebankstiftelsen has given 180.000 NOK to renovate the Hang Up vert ramp in Horten.

Hang Up 2017 Cancelled [5/3/2017]
The Hang Up Crew has announced that Hang Up 2017 is not happening this year, due to plans of reconstruction in May.

Bromsjordet Skatepark Gets Renovated [31/7/2016]
The skatepark at Bromsjordet in Horten is being upgraded to make it last a few more years.

Moving of Bromsjordet Skatepark Postponed [14/7/2016]
The moving of the skatepark in Horten has been postponed.

Hang Up 2016 Skate Wine Footage [3/6/2016]
Skate Wine discover an absolute Norweigen gem-of-a-town, Horten, and its magical vertical skateboarding contest. Meet some of the locals, the organisers and pro skaters a like, and explore some of the amazingment of Hang-Up and Horten.

Hang UP 2016 Footage Clips [3/6/2016]
Here are some more Hang Up 2016 clips from Martin Haavde.

Hang Up 2016 Finals Footage [20/5/2016]
Here is Martin Haavdes edit from the Hang Up 2016 vert contest final in Horten Norway.

Hang Up 2016 Morgan Stenmark Footage [18/5/2016]
Morgan Stenmark made this nice edit from Hang Up in Horten.

Hang Up 2016 Drone Footage [17/5/2016]
Martin Kaardal covered the Hang Up finals with his drone. Here is the recap of the live stream.

Hang Up 2016 Results and Footage [16/5/2016]
Here are results and footage from this years Hang Up contest in Horten.

Hang UP 2016 [11/3/2016]
The fourth annual Hang Up event is being held in Horten 12th-14th May 2016. Here is the promo video.

Kanalsession 2015 [23/7/2015]
This years Kanalsession is being held 15-16 August 2015.

Hang Up 2015 Results and Footage [2/6/2015]
This years Hang Up in Horten rained away, but the best trick and highest air on Sunday was held as planned.

Hang Up 2015 [22/3/2015]
This years Hang Up vert contest in Horten is being held 30th May.

Horten finds location for new skatepark [13/10/2014]
Horten plans to move the skatepark in Horten to Lystlunden.

Kanalsession 2014 Results and Footage [18/8/2014]
Here are results and some footage from this years Kanalsession in Horten.

Kanalsession 2014 Program [28/7/2014]
Here is the program for Kanalsession in Horten 8-10 August 2014.

Kanalsession 2014 Dates [1/6/2014]
This years Kanalsession in Horten is being held 8-10 August.

Limits the use of kickbikes at Horten Skatepark [5/5/2014]
Bromsjordet Skatepark in Horten is limiting the use of kickbikes after several dangerous situations.

Started Designing New Horten Skatepark [30/4/2014]
Work has started to design a new skatepark in Horten, to prepare for the day when the existing park has to be moved.

Wants Tony Hawk To Hang Up [3/4/2014]
The Norwegian vert contest Hangup wants Tony Hawk at their second annual event in May.

Kanalsession 2013 Results and Footage [2/9/2013]
Here are results and some footage from this years Kanalsession in Horten.

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