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Haugenstua skatepark is an indoor/outdoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Also known as: Haugenstua Skatehall / Haugenstua Indoor Skatepark / Haugenstua Granittpark / Grorud Skatepark

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Guruen av Grorud Granitten 2017 [15/9/2017]
Guruen av Grorud Granitten returns to Haugenstua Skatepark on Saturday, September 23, 2017.

NORB NM 2017 Results and Footage [30/7/2017]
Here are the final results and footage from this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

NORB NM 2017 The Venues [24/7/2017]
Here is a closer look at all the venues for this year Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo.

Spotcheck: Haugenstua Skatepark July 2017 [22/7/2017]
The new outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua is being made ready for NORB NM. Here are some pictures.

Spotcheck: Haugenstua Indoor Skatepark July 2017 [21/7/2017]
Here are some pictures from the indoor skatepark at Haugenstua.

NORB NM 2017 Program [14/7/2017]
Here is the full program for this years Norwegian Skateboard Championships, beging held in Oslo 27-30 July, 2017.

NORB NM 2017 Oslo Girl Open Skate [13/7/2017]
Jenteskate and NORB are hosting a girls only skateboard weekend in Oslo during the Norwegian skateboard championships, 28-30 July, 2017.

Haugenstua Outdoor Skatepark Upgrade [23/6/2017]
The outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua is getting som fresh concrete.

Haugenstua Outdoor Skatepark Is Being Rebuild [11/4/2017]
The outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua is being put up on a new asphalt tarp.

NORB NM 2017 Oslo [29/3/2017]
With this years Norwegian skateboard championships being held in Oslo, NORB has chosen to spread the event over several locations to highlight the many good skateboard organisations in the city. The event is being held 27-30 July, 2017.

Mika Edin at Haugenstua Skatepark [13/3/2017]
A day at Haugenstua skatepark with Mika Edin.

An Ordinary Day at Haugenstua Skatepark [20/2/2017]
Join Norwegian skater Geir Myrvang for an ordinary day at Haugenstua Skatepark in Oslo.

Haugenstua Skatepark Gets New Asphalt [28/10/2016]
The outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua is getting a new layer of fresh asphalt.

Fall at Haugenstua Skatepark [21/10/2016]
Odin has made this edit from the indoor skatepark at Haugenstua.

Woodland Oldie Skate at Haugenstua 2016 [20/10/2016]
Join a session for oldies at Haugenstua and take a tour of the Woodland workshop on Friday 21st October 2016.

Made 2 at Haugenstua [21/9/2016]
Haugenstua Skatepark in Oslo is showing the new Emerica Made 2 video September 27th 2016.

Game of Skate vs Michael Sommer [17/8/2016]
Michael Sommer plays a Game of Skate against the kids at Haugenstua.

Haugenstua Skatepark Update [10/7/2016]
The outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua in Oslo got a new bank with a ledge.

Haugenstua X Games Hangout [22/2/2016]
Haugenstua Skateboardklubb invites to an X Games hangout on Thursday 25. February 2016.

Mats Hatlems Favorite Indoor Parks [26/10/2015]
Red Bull talked to Mats Hatlem about his favorite indoor skateparks.

Haugenstua Skatepark Upgrades [23/10/2015]
Haugenstua Skatepark has gotten money from Sparebankstiftelsen for some upgrades, and construction has started.

Soul Harmonics Norway Premier [20/1/2015]
The Creation Skateboards video Soul Harmonics is premiering in Oslo, Norway.

Haugenstua Microramp NM 2014 Results [14/12/2014]
Here are the results from the microramp contest held at Haugenstua Skatepark.

Haugenstua Microramp NM 2014 [29/11/2014]
An unofficial Norwegian microramp championship is being held at Haugenstua Skatepark today.

Haugenstua Skateklubb Jam May 2014 [25/5/2014]
The new Haugenstua Skateklubb is arranging a skatejam at Haugenstua Skatepark today.

Guruen av Grorud Granitten 2013 Results & Footage [23/8/2013]
Here are results and footage from this years Guruen av Grorud Granitten at Haugenstua Skatepark.

Guruen av Grorud Granitten 2013 [17/8/2013]
The annual Guruen av Grorud Granitten is being held at Haugenstua Skatepark today.

Film Course at Haugenstua [7/6/2013]
Alex Holm is hosting a film course at Haugenstua Skatepark this Saturday.

Spotcheck: Haugenstua Skatepark December 2012 [10/5/2013]
The indoor skatepark at Haugenstua got Skatelite and a slight rebuild last year. Here is a spotcheck from December.

Filming Course at Haugenstua [30/1/2013]
Alex Holm is arranging a filming course at Haugenstua Skatepark.

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