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Adil Dyani is a professional skateboarder from Norway.

Also known as: AD

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Team Update: Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix [12/6/2018]
Adil Dyani with Maurice Lacroix.

Adil Dyani To Attempt New World Record [7/6/2018]
Adil Dyani will attempt to pass the 10 meter limit with a world record drop in Voss 24th June - 1 July, 2018.

European Mobility Week 2016 Oslo Skate [20/9/2016]
Adil Dyani has brought his vert ramp to the European Mobility Week event in Oslo, and will be holding skate schools and demos 20th-22nd September 2016.

Team Update: Adil Dyani tells time with Hugo Boss [31/8/2016]
Adil Dyani is now sponsored by Hugo Boss Orange Line watches.

Melafestivalen 2016 Skateboard Footage [21/8/2016]
Here is some footage from one of the skateboarding demos at Melafestivalen in Oslo, Norway.

Skateboarding at Melafestivalen 2016 [17/8/2016]
XXL and Adil Dyani are bringing a vert ramp to Melafestivalen in Oslo 19 - 21 August 2016.

NORB NM 2016 Vert Results and Footage [7/8/2016]
Here are the results and footage from the Norwegian vert championships, held at Tjme Skatepark.

Adil Dyani Visits Projecto Uere [12/7/2016]
While in Brazil to film the new XXL commercial, Adil Dyani visited the kids at Projecto Uere.

XXL Sport Unites All Commercial [10/7/2016]
Adil Dyani is part of XXLs new Sport Unites All commercial.

Tjme Skate Galla 2016 Riderslist [8/6/2016]
Here are the confirmed skaters coming to Tjme Skate-Galla 18th June 2016.

Miniramp session og skateskole med Adil Luigi Dyan [9/5/2016]
ASFreestyle arranged a skate gathering with Adil Dyani at Vollen Miniramp. Here is some footage.

Adil Dyani Sets New World Records [23/9/2013]
Adil Dyani has set two new skateboarding world records in bomb drop and free fall.

Old Adil Dyani TV2 Interview [30/4/2013]
TV2 feature on Norwegian skateboarder Adil Dyani.

Adil Dyani Attempts Word Record Bomb Drop [14/11/2012]
Adil Dyani had to abort his world record bomb drop at Magery recently after 12 attempts. Here is some information and footage.

NORB NM 2012 Vert Footage and Results [19/8/2012]
Here are the results from the Norwegian vert championships held at Tjme this month.

Nstedhallen Skate Camp October 2011 [27/10/2011]
Another skate camp is being held at Nstedhallen this month with Adil Dyani and the Duscetti team. Here is some information.

Nstedhallen Skate School 2011 [16/10/2011]
Nstedhallen is arranging another round of skate schools with Adil Dyani as the instructor.

Meet and Greet and Skateshow at Vision Skatepark [26/9/2011]
After the TV Aksjonen show in Kristiansand, you can meet the skaters and artists at Vision Skatepark. Here is some information.

Duscetti Annonces Team Lineup [24/9/2011]
The new Norwegian company Duscetti Skateboards has announced its team lineup. Here is the information.

Skateboarding against mines and bombs [22/9/2011]
Some of the best skaters in Norway are joining forces with Norsk Folkehjelps TV Aksjonen, to raise money for clearing mines and bombs .

Gallanti Skate Camp [1/10/2010]
Another skate camp/skate school is being held at Gallanti Skatepark next week. Here is some information about the event.

Adil Dyani on Vox [19/8/2010]
Adil Dyani was sporting Vox Footwear during the Norwegian skateboard championships in Kristiansand. Here is some information on the involved parties.

NORB NM 2010 Results and Footage [16/8/2010]
The Norwegian Skateboard championships were held in Kristiansand last weekend. Here are the complete results from the events.

Rockstar Energy Drink To Norway [2/8/2010]
Rockstar Energy Dring was launched in Norway last weekend. Here is some information about the brand and the national team.

Gallanti Summer Skate School 2010 [12/6/2010]
Starting on Go Skateboarding Day, Adil Dyani is arranging skateschools at Gallanti Skatepark every week until August. Here is some information.

OneCall X-Elements 2009 Footage [4/11/2009]
OneCall X-Elements was held recently at Oslo Spektrum. Here is the footage from the event.

OneCall X-Elements 2009 Results [24/10/2009]
OneCall X-Elements went down yesterday at Oslo Spektrum. Here are results from the contests held during the event.

WeSC and Etnies Rock n Bowl 2009 Program [19/8/2009]
WeSC and Etnies Rock n Bowl is being held this month at the GSF Skatepark. Here is the program for the event.

Vert NM 2009 Qualification Footage [10/7/2009]
The qualification for the Norwegian vert ramp championships was held at Strmmen Skatepark recently. Here is some photage from the event.

Vert NM 2009 Qualification Results [6/7/2009]
The qualification for the Norwegian vert ramp championships was once again disrupted by rain, but this time the session lasted long enough to get the results.

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