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A skatepark is a purpose-built recreational environment for skateboarders to ride and develop their sport and technique. A skatepark may contain half-pipes, quarter pipes, handrails, trick boxes, vert ramps, pyramids, banked ramps, full pipes, stairs, and any number of other trick-oriented objects.

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Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017 [7/11/2016]
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.

Europes Best Skate Plazas [24/10/2016]
Kingpin Magazine takes a look at the best skate plazas in Europe.

Nine Unexpected Skateparks [14/9/2016]
Red Bull has made a list of the 9 most unexpected skateparks in the world.

Death and Taxes Top 10 LA Skate Spots [28/7/2015]
Death and Taxes Magazin has listed the ten best skate spots in Los Angeles.

Oppdal Skatepark Needs An Upgrade [11/9/2014]
Oppdal Skateklubb has asked the municipality for funds to renovate the skatepark.

Hafstadparken Gets 1.000.000 Kr [16/5/2014]
Sparebanken Vest has given one million kroners to Frde idrettslag and Hafstadparken.

Vler Skatepark Has Opened [15/5/2014]
A new pre-fabricated skatepark has been setup in Vler.

Verdal Decides On Skatepark Location [6/12/2013]
Verdal has decided upon a location, and granted extra money for the new skatepark.

Still No Skatepark Progress in Verdal [2/10/2013]
There is still no answer to when the planned skatepark in Verdal will be ready, or where it will be located.

Bystranda Skatepark Reopening [17/6/2013]
The skatepark at Bystranda in Kristiansand has been rebuilt and was recently officially opened.

Arendal Indoor Skatepark Update [7/6/2013]
Concrete has been laid on the floor,and Verkty i Lufa will finish the indoor skatepark in Arendal before the fall.

No skatepark money for Verdalsra [7/6/2013]
The planned skatepark in Verdalsra did not get money from Spillemidlene in this round.

Gets To Skate In Nttery [5/6/2013]
The private skatepark in Nttery has been approved after an application was delivered.

Saga Open 2013 [7/4/2013]
New obstacles has been built and a contest is being arranged at the indoor skatepark in Fagerstrand today.

Skatepark still on hold in Verdal [25/2/2013]
Verdal Kommune did not reach their goal of finishing the new skatepark according to a their annual report.

Moss Removes Skatepark Tagging [25/2/2013]
Tagging has been removed from the skatepark in Moss.

Stange Skatepark Expansion [6/2/2013]
Stange Skateboard Klubb has gotten 300.000 to expand the skatepark, and construction starts as soon as the snow is gone.

Lyngdal Skatepark Renovated [8/1/2013]
The indoor skatepark at Rom in Lyngdal has been renovated. Here is some information.

Jevnaker Skatepark Closed For Renovation [14/11/2012]
Seems the skatepark in Jevnaker wasnt quite ready, and it has now been closed down to finish the work.

Suggests 100.000 For Saga Skatepark [14/11/2012]
Fagerstrands suggests to support Saga Skatepark with 100.000 kr to cover running costs. Here is some information.

Moss Skatepark Openening Coverage [14/11/2012]
Here are links for some coverage of the opening of the new skatepark in Moss.

Jevnaker Skatepark Has Opened [2/11/2012]
The new skatepark at Jevnaker has been opened. Here are links to footage from the opening event.

Moss Skatepark Opening [1/11/2012]
The new skatepark in Moss is being officially opened this weekend.

Spotcheck: Moss Skatepark September 2012 [24/10/2012]
Freddy visited the new skatepark in Moss recently. Here are some pictures from the bowl.

Jevnaker Skatepark Opening [22/10/2012]
The Norwegian Element team is visiting the new skatepark at Jevnaker for the official opening.

Spotcheck: Dombs Skatepark August 2012 [14/10/2012]
Back in August we stopped by the new skatepark in Dombs. Here is some information and pictures.

Spotcheck: Lten Skatepark August 2012 [14/10/2012]
Back in August we stopped by Lten Skatepark to get some better pictures.

Illegal Skatepark Gets Fined [15/9/2012]
A couple in Nttery are being fined after putting up a skatepark in theyr yard without permission.

Lardal Skatepark Opening [2/9/2012]
A new skatepark is being opened in Svarstad during Lardagsdagen. Here is some infomation.

New Egge Ramp Vandalised [30/8/2012]
A new skateboard ramp was part of the damage when vandals struck at Egge Skole in Steinkjr.

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