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Birdhouse Skateboards is a skateboard company based in Huntington Beach, California.

Also known as: Birdhouse Projects [original title]

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Meet The Birdhouse Team [18/10/2017]
Take a peek into the nest and get to know the Birdhousers.

Birdhouse Pro Lizzy Armato [20/3/2017]
A casual backyard vert session turns into the surprise of a lifetime. Congrats Lizzie!

Birdhouse Joins Bakerboys Distribution [10/1/2017]
Life comes full circle as Birdhouse Skateboards joins Bakerboys Distribution.

Birdhouse European Tour 2015 Footage [12/8/2015]
The Birdhouse Skateboards team visited, England, Denmark, France, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic. Here is the footage.

David Loy Pro with Birdhouse [23/5/2014]
David Loy has turned pro with Birdhouse Skateboards. Here is a clip and more.

Clint Walker Pro With Birdhouse [14/5/2013]
Clint Walker has turned pro with Birdhouse Skateboards.

Birdhouse Left Coast Tour 2012 Footage [22/11/2012]
Here is our recap of everything that went down on the Birdhouse Left Coast tour back in July 2012.

Ben Raybourn on Birdhouse [22/10/2012]
Seems Ben Raybourn has left $lave and joined Birdhouse.

Birdhouse MIA to NYC Tour 2011 Footage [23/10/2011]
A little while ago Birdhouse Skateboards went on a tour from Miami to New York. Here is the full collection of footage.

Clive Dixon with Birdhouse [22/10/2011]
Clive Dixon has joine Birdhouse Skateboards. Here is the welcome video.

enRoute a Birdhouse Roadtrip Footage [18/5/2011]
The Birdhouse Ams took a two week filming trip across America. Here is some of the skating and the shenanigans that took place.

Birdhouse Pro Aaron Homoki [30/4/2011]
Jaws has turned pro with Birdhouse Skateboards at the Happy Medium premier.

Birdhouse Midwest Tour 2010 Footage [2/3/2011]
Last year the Birdhouse team went on a tour of the Midwest. Here is some footage.

Birdhouse Europe Tour 2010 Footage [5/2/2011]
Last year Birdhouse visited Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich, Rome, Marseille and Barcelona. Here is some footage from the tour.

Clint Walker With Birdhouse [1/2/2011]
Birdhouse Skateboards has welcomed Clint walker to the team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Syndrome Distributes Birdhouse [22/12/2010]
Birdhouse has joined forces with Syndrome for manufacturing and distribution of the brand. Here is some information on the update.

Jaws With Birdhouse [10/4/2009]
Aaron Homoki is the newest member of Team Tony Hawk and Birdhouse Skateboards. Here is some information.

Shaun White Pro With Birdhouse [19/6/2007]
Birdhouse Skateboards has welcomed Shaun White to their pro team. Here is the clip.

Donny Barley With Birdhouse [13/2/2003]
Birdhouse Skateboards has welcomed Donny Barley to the team. Here is some information on the involved parties.

TransWorld Skateboarding Awards 1999 Results [15/1/2004]
The TransWorld SKATEboarding Awards honored winners of the TWS Readers Poll and Riders Poll in various categories, plus top finishers in last years contests. Here are the results.