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Independent Truck Company is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Independent Truck Company / Indy Trucks / Indy

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Tour Footage: Indys Pedal To The Metal iPhone Edit [5/1/2018]
Rhinos behind-the-scenes footage really puts it in perspective how possessed by skateboarding this crew is. Get in the van and skate everything!

Best of 2017: Indys Year In Review [5/1/2018]
With all of the footage the Indy Team has put out this year, they decided to throw it all on a chopping block and give you the best of the best all in one edit.

Tour Footage: Indy Pedal To The Metal Part Three [5/1/2018]
Shred All Quarters! Russell, Kimbel, Raybourn, Chapman, and Kowalski shred a Colorado Park QP to smithereens on the Denver stop of the Tour. Get some!

Tour Footage: Indy Pedal To The Metal Part Two [5/1/2018]
Kirby, Drehobl, Trujillo, and Crusty Kremer get down on Dan Tags private mini ramp on the Northwest leg of the Tour. Enjoy!

Tour Footage: Indy Pedal To The Metal Part One [5/1/2018]
Heres Cold Dawg, Raybourn, Kowalski, and Kimbel having a blast at Launchs Indoor Park.

Behind the Ad: Geoff Rowley For Independent [26/12/2017]
Geoff Rowley muscles through the wind with a breezy Impossible down a SoCal Mountain for his January 18 Advert featured in Thrasher Magazine. Hell yeah, Rowley!

Pedal to the Metal DC to Boston 2017 Tour Footage [18/9/2017]
Indys nationwide tour climbs up the East Coast with a van carrying SOTYs Trujillo and Kremer, living legends Worrest, Baca, and Drehobl and young guns Taylor Kirby and AJ Zavala.

Pedal to the Metal Mile High City 2017 TourFootage [18/9/2017]
Indys epic nationwide road trip hits the Rockies, where no transition is left unterrorized. Colorado is a must-skate state. Plan a trip with your crew ASAP.

Auby Taylor: Independent 3-Piece Commercial [11/5/2017]
Pools rule! Auby Taylor seals three in a backyard plaster pavilion with the crews approval.

Jaws For Independent Trucks [3/2/2017]
Aaron Jaws Homoki has a short clip in this new Independent commercial.

Evan Smith For Independent Trucks [18/1/2017]
Evan smith has a short clip for Indy.

Taylor Kirby Behind The Indy Ad [16/1/2017]
Youve seen the February 2017 Thrasher Mag Advert, so heres the make. Kirby makes it look easy with that exit strategy. Hard work pays off, kid!

Lorenzo Ubino on Independent Italy [7/2/2016]
SRD Distribution has welcomed Lorenzo Ubino to the Italian Independent Trucks team.

Marcus Vik Independent Welcome [27/2/2014]
Here is Marcus Viks welcome to Independent video.

Team Update: Bernhard Sports [16/9/2013]
Bernhard Sports has added Marcus Vik and Jonathan Drab to the Norwegian Girl and Independent teams.

NORB NM 2013 Afterparty [3/8/2013]
Bernhard Sports and Independent invites to this years Norwegian skateboard championships afterparty.

Klaus Bohms For Independent [5/7/2013]
Klaus Bohms has joined the Brazilian Independent team. Here is the welcome video.

Evan Smith Independent Part [30/1/2012]
Independent Trucks has released a full part featuring Evan Smith.

Tony Hawk Back On Independent [24/1/2013]
Tony Hawk is back with his first truck sponsor Independent Trucks. Here is the welcome video.

Independent Northern Bound Tour 2012 Footage [22/11/2012]
The beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast is unparalleled. Same can be said for the NW skateparks. Join Ben Raybourn, Kevin Kowalski and friends on a proper Oregon sk8 camping mission. Now with Alex Foy and Willis Kimbel!

New Indy Am Carlos Ribeiro [22/6/2012]
Carlos Ribeiro is the latest addition to the Independent am team. Here is the welcome video.

Mats Elvsveen on Independent [6/12/2011]
Mats Elvsveen is the latest addition to the Norwegian Independent team. Here is the welcome video and some information.

Independent Road To Texas Tour 2011 Footage [2/11/2011]
Here is some footage from the Independent Road To Texas Tour.

Hermann Stene For Independent [9/10/2011]
Hermann Stene has joined the Norwegian Independent team. Here is the welcome video.

Team Update: Independent Trucks [4/5/2011]
Independent has welcomed Kevin Terpening, Elijah Berle and Clint Walker to the team. Here is some information.

Aaron Jaws Homoki For Independent [19/6/2010]
Jaws part from the Independent Trucks website.

Independent Week at White Water [27/11/2009]
Next week is Independent week at White Water in Oslo, with launch of the new Rowley truck, discounts, movie premier and contests every day. Here is some information.

Independent Team Update [3/7/2009]
According to their Twitter page, The Independent Truck Company has added Leo Romero, Justin Figueroa and Benny Fairfax to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

Team Update: Independent [10/4/2009]
The Independent Truck Company has added Joey Brezinski, Bob Burnquist and Javier Nunez to their skateboarding team. Here is some information.

Eric Koston on Independent [12/3/2006]
Eric Koston has left Royal and will now have a signature low truck on Independent. Here is some information.

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