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Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder.

Also known as: Anthony Frank Hawk [full name]

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Tony Hawk: 50 tricks at age 50 [13/5/2018]
Tony Hawk never imagined being able to skate into his adult life, or that anyone would still care if he did. To celebrate, he did 50 tricks that he created, and/or pioneered on vert.

The Slow Mo Guys Visits Tony Hawk [11/3/2018]
Dan makes good on a promise he made to Tony Hawk and takes on a halfpipewith painful results. Check it out in this episode of The Super Slow Show

Tony Hawk Rolling Stone Interview [23/12/2017]
Legendary pro skater on what made it all worthwhile, from wild skits in The End to the latest feats in Saturdays, and son Riley Hawks career.

Skateline 14-11-2017 [16/11/2017]
Tony Hawk, Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, Clive Dixon, Ducky Kovacs.

Tony Hawk Wired Interview [16/11/2017]
Tony Hawk Answers Skateboarding Questions From Twitter.

Tony Hawk on Lakai [10/11/2017]
Breaking news from the Lakai World Summit where the legendary Tony Hawk has been officially announced as riding for Lakai Limited Footwear.

Tony Hawk Thrasher Interview [18/10/2017]
Tony Hawks Five Lifetimes of Whiplash Interview.

Tony Hawk Gives 15 Inverts to Google [27/9/2017]
Tony Hawk gives 15 inverts to Google for their 15th Birthday.

Kip Moore and Tony Hawk Event [6/9/2017]
Country singer Kip Moore and skateboarding legend Tony Hawk are combining their talents for Nashvilles first Music City Skate Jam, on Sunday, September 10th, 2017.

Tony Hawk X Penny Skateboards [28/8/2017]
Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk was in Mission Beach to promote the Tony Hawk X Penny Skateboard collection.

Tony Hawk Teaches How to Drop-In on Vert [30/6/2017]
If youve wanted to take your transitional skating up to vert but feel like you could use some help, Tony Hawk is here to get you started. Tony teaches the basic steps on how to drop-in on all vertical transitions from pumping your way up the walls to tips on weight balance - its all here.

Tony Hawk at Old Fourth Ward Skatepark [16/5/2017]
Skaters at Old Fourth Ward Park were graced with skating royalty Sunday when legendary pro Tony Hawk popped in to show off some moves.

Tony Hawk Business Insider Interview [5/5/2017]
Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk shares the advice he always gives his 24-year-old son.

Tony Hawk Kingpin Interview [3/5/2017]
Bones Brigade questions and answers with Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk at the Marnix Bowl [1/5/2017]
Tony Hawk skates the Marnix Bowl in Amsterdam.

Tony Hawk Entrepeneur Interview [28/4/2017]
Skateboarding Legend Tony Hawks 3 Tips to Take Your Business to New Heights.

Tony Hawk Kingpin Interview [25/4/2017]
To tie in with the launch of the Nixon X Bones Brigade Collaboration, Kingpin set up a quick fire Bones Brigade Q&A with the Birdman, Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk Pretending Im Superman Interview [16/4/2017]
Tony Hawk talks about the time during the late 90s when he pitched the idea of a skateboarding video game to several publishers.

How to ollie with Tony Hawk [9/4/2017]
Life is nothing but a pile of regrets, until one day Tony Hawk teaches you how to ollie and its great.

Tony Hawks Travel Tip Interview [23/2/2017]
Travel+Leisure got some tips from Tony Hawk on bringing your skateboard on a plane.

Bowl-A-Rama 2017 2 Days with Tony Hawk Footage [23/2/2017]
Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk took some time away from the Bondi bowl to explore the incredible Stockton Sand Dunes in Port Stephens. Boarderworld were lucky enough to spend the day with Tony, where they rode quad bikes and sandboarded down the largest continuous mobile sand dunes in the Southern Hemisphere with the man himself. Not a bad day at the office, huh?

Bowl-A-Rama 2017 Tony Hawk Lands in Sydney Footage [19/2/2017]
Boardworld has a clip of Tony Hawk after he arrived at the Bondi bowl.

Tony Hawk Travel+Leisure Interview [16/2/2017]
Tony Hawk Talks Food, Skateboarding, and Punk Bars in Peru in this Travel+Leisure article.

Tony Hawk News Au Interview [11/2/2017] did an interview with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk Is Working On A New Game [2/2/2017]
In his Jenkem interview last month Tony Hawk confirmed that he is working on a new game.

Now You Know: Tony Hawk [13/12/2016]
Shuvits and varials arent interchangeable terms, and theres a very good explanation for that. Tony Hawk tells you why in this handy public service announcement.

Tony Hawk Spicy Wings Interview [17/11/2016]
The first-ever live edition of Hot Ones, coming at you from the cultural mega-fest ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA, gives a pretty great interview with skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

Tony Hawk Bensinger Interview 11 [6/11/2016]
Tony Hawk on retiring from competition after 20 years and how skating evolved into a career for adults.

Tony Hawk Bensinger Interview 10 [6/11/2016]
Tony Hawk talks about his dads strong support of him and the entire skating industry, plus reflecting on his dads unfortunate passing.

Tony Hawk Bensinger Interview 9 [6/11/2016]
Tony Hawk remembers landing skatings holy grail: the 900, how it elevated skateboarding and inspired kids.

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