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DIY Skatepark in Atlanta, Oregon. It Is now gone!

Also known as: Atlanta Skatepark / Northeast Expy Skatepark / Northeast Expy DIY Skatepark

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Atlanta Demolish DIY Skatepark [16/7/2017]
Skaters who were trying to work with the state to save their secret skatepark were taken by surprise, Wednesday, after the demolition crews suddenly started tearing it apart. The city argue that the construction techniques used to build it were extremly unsafe and could contribute to structural failure and injuries or death.

GDOT and Skaters To Discuss DIY Skatepark [15/4/2017]
The GDOT spokesperson says the agency has set meetings with the skateboarding community to discuss how to move forward with the skatepark under the bridge in Atlanta.

Hopes To Save Atlanta DIY Skatepark [11/4/2017]
Skaters in Atlanta are hoping that GDOT will compromise as they begin the permit process to save the skatepark that has been there for almost a decade.

Atlanta DIY Skatepark 11 Alive Coverage [10/4/2017]
Here is 11 Alives coverage of the discovery of the DIY skatepark in Atlanta.

Atlanta Discovers DIY Skatepark [9/4/2017]
After the Interstate-85 collapse in Atlanta, the Georgia Department of Transportation found an unapproved DIY skatepark under the bridge.