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Skateboard video from Creature Skateboards.

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Creature Video Outtakes Gravette at Laurel Ledge [2/9/2017]
Yet another Outtake from The Creature Video... Gravette hits up a ledge on a hill and gets a quick three

Kill Skateboarding 3: The Creature Video Bonus [23/8/2017]
Sam Hitzs After Black Part from the NEW Creature Video is Available for youre viewing Pleasure NOW! Let the Eye Bleeding Began....

The Creature Video Skeleton Key Part [3/8/2017]
In honor of Darren Navarrettes new Stagecoach deck release, Creature Skateboards pulled the Skeleton Key part out of The Creature Video to show exclusively on CreachTube.

Creature Video Outtakes Bkkel Line [16/7/2017]
An Outtake from The NEW Creature Video? Maybe its just a Raw Line from Kevin Baekkels Part.

The Creature Video Norway Premiers [1/6/2017]
The Creature Video premiers and best trick contests in Oslo 1st June and 3rd June, 2017.

The Creature Video Outtakes: Euro Bonanza [27/5/2017]
Another Outtakes for ya... The crew spent a few weeks in Berlin, Warsaw and Budapest while filming for the video. Heres just a glimpse into some of the hijinx and behind the scenes from the Euro Bonanza trip.

The Creatue Video Outtakes: Titos [19/5/2017]
The crew hit the Titus skateshop bowl to escape the rain in Berlin, Germany.

The Creature Video Outtakes: Pappel Park [12/5/2017]
Outtakes, Warm Up Sessions, Freakouts, All around Hijinx from the filming of The NEW Creature Video... Welcome to the Outtakes. Gravette, Martinez, Baekkel, Hooker and the crew warm it up ap Pappel Park in Berlin, Germany.

The Creature Video: True or False? [11/5/2017]
The Fiends sit down for a little game of True or False.

The Creature Video Trailer [9/5/2017]
The new video from Creature Skateboards is available on iTunes from 9th May 2017.