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Skruv och Skate is the Swedish national skateboard chamionships.

Also known as: Skruv & Skate

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Borlange Gets Skruv och Skate 2018 [9/10/2017]
The Borlange YMCA Hall has a very good bowl and vertramp, and next year the street area will get a proper rebuild with the implementation of the swedish National Championship Screw och Skate in April.

Skruv och Skate 2017 Street Footage [16/4/2017]
Street warmup and finals footage from Niklas Bostrm.

Skruv och Skate 2017 Results and Footage [12/4/2017]
Here are results and footage from this years Swedish skateboard championships.

Skruv och Skate 2017 Promo Video [13/3/2017]
Here is the promo video for this years Skruv och Skate.

Skruv och Skate 2017 Dates [21/12/2016]
Next years Skruv och Skate is being held in Skovde 30th March to 1st April 2017.

Skruv och Skate 2017 Location [11/7/2016]
Next years national championships in Sweden is being held at the indoor skatepark in Skovde.

Skruv och Skate 2016 LinSon Footage [24/2/2016]
Here is a video from the Swedish national skateboard championships from LinSon AB.

Skruv och Skate 2016 Filip Sjovall Footage [24/2/2016]
Filip Sjovall filmed the Swedish national championships in Halmstad

Skruv och Skate 2016 Results [15/2/2016]
Here are the results from the Swedish national skateboard championships held in Halmstad.

Skruv och Skate 2016 [7/12/2015]
Swedens first national skateboard championships are being held at the indoor skatepark in Halmstad, 13-14 February 2016.