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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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Old Boys NM 2017 Terje Skaug Footage [16/11/2017]
Terje Skaug gives you twelve minutes from this years Old Boys skateboard championships.

Tampa Am 2017 Finals Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
Skaters from the USA, Columbia, Norway, Brazil, France, and Portugal all made it to the top 12 Final and earned a shot at winning the 2017 Tampa Am. It was a truly international affair consisting of incredible skateboarding and wall to wall stoke. A huge congratulations goes out to Gustavo Ribeiro for taking the win and earning a spot in the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Good luck Gustavo!

Panda Patrol: Episode 2. Jackson Pilz [16/11/2017]
KOTR MVP Jackson Pilz grabs the reigns of episode two, leading the Panda troops into battle, annihilating everything and leaving nothing but ashes in his wake. Pilz is the real deal!

Santa Cruz Skateboards AM Video [16/11/2017]
Here is Santa Cruz Skateboards full length am/flo video. Knibbs came through with a heavy part to officially welcome him the Team. This squad is a bunch of heavy hitters, youre gonna need to sit down for this one.

Street Masters 2017 Results and Footage [16/11/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Street Masters contest in Copenhagen.

Ole Johan Edvartsen Slow Motion Part [16/11/2017]
New slow motion part with Norwegian skateboarder Ole Johan Edvartsen.

Roberto Aleman Never Say Never Part [16/11/2017]
Spanish OG Roberto Aleman has been conquering all terrain for years and he aint slowed down a bit. Skate and Destroy!

Ronnie Kessner Sickhead Full Part [16/11/2017]
Ronnie rips all terrains without prejudice, destroying schoolyards and ditches with equal verve. Dig in...

Tampa Am 2017 Gustavo Ribeiro Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
What kind of skating does it take to beat 250 of the most talented amateur skateboarders from all around the entire world? Click play and find out.

Street Masters 2017 Shredders Lodge Footage [16/11/2017]
Vibes and a few runs from Streetmasters 2017.

Tampa Am 2017 Mannys World Footage [16/11/2017]
Manny Santiago headed south to attend this year Tampa Am contest, to only have the Ams take his money, and find out that this guy Felipe with no legs has a bigger heart then all of us...Kids just keep getting better and better!

Pizza Pro Ducky [16/11/2017]
Ducky has turned pro with Pizza Skateboards.

Skateline 14-11-2017 [16/11/2017]
Tony Hawk, Jamie Foy, Zion Wright, Clive Dixon, Ducky Kovacs.

Tony Hawk Wired Interview [16/11/2017]
Tony Hawk Answers Skateboarding Questions From Twitter.

Cody Mcentire Wallenberg Bigspin Interview [16/11/2017]
As if Wallenberg isnt gnarly enough, the chaos of this 2009 contest made it even more hectic. Cody talks about his all-or-nothing bigspin attempts.

Exeter Reopens Temporary Skatepark [16/11/2017]
Skatepark back up and running in Exeter with temporary equipment.

New Skatepark In Geldern [16/11/2017]
A new skatepark has been opened in Geldern, Germany.

Channel Street Skatepark Could Reopen [16/11/2017]
Things are looking up for prospects to reopen San Pedros once-underground Channel Street Skate Park which has been mired in bureaucracy in the past few years as it tries to meet the citys many specifications.

Sweden Could Get More Skateparks [16/11/2017]
The possibility of skateparks in Stngby, Sdra Sandby, Genarp and Veberd is being in looked into after Sderlyckan Skatepark has become one of the most popular skateparks in Sweden.

Tampa Am 2017 Qualifiers Ride Footage [13/11/2017]
The Tampa Am Qualifiers started with 100 of the best of the best amateur skaters from around the world, all vying for a top 30 spot into the Semi-Finals. Jorge Simoes from Portugal went tech wild and snagged 1st place and a Straight Shot into in the Finals.

Tampa Am 2017 Qualifiers Results [12/11/2017]
Here are the results from this years Tampa Am qualifiers.

Exposure Skate 2017 Results and Footage [12/11/2017]
Here are the results from the sixth annual Exposure Skate contest.

Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Drone Footage 2/2 [12/11/2017]
Part two of Steven Lindgrens drone footage from the Tampa Am Concrete Jam.

Tampa Am 2017 Concrete Jam Drone Footage 1/2 [12/11/2017]
Steven Lindgren gives you the drone view from the Tampa Am Concrete Jam.

Tampa Am 2017 Open Qualifiers Ride Footage [12/11/2017]
When you start with 150 skaters from across the globe, invite them to the legendary Skatepark of Tampa, and tell them only the top 10 will advance to the next round of Qualifiers, the only thing left to do is sit back and watch the shredding ensue. And you can see the best of it right here.

Blind For Days Full Video [11/11/2017]
Beckett fires up the vertical assault before TJ, Sewa and company unleash the tech wizardry. Then Yuto brings down the curtains, making the impossible way too easy. Damn!

Rough Cut: Deedzs Panda Patrol Part [11/11/2017]
Deedz is one of a kind, wielding his own style and approach to skating. Hes a blast to watch. Enjoi...

Gard Hvaara Hurricane Part + Interview [11/11/2017]
Check out Gard Hvaaras Hurricane part, and read the interview from Red Bull.

Trikkestallen Girlskate Camp 2017 Footage [11/11/2017]
Benedikte Eide has made this edit from the girl skate camp at Trikkestallen Skatepark, 27th-29th of October 2017.

USK Halloween Skate 2017 Footage [11/11/2017]
Check out the footage from Ullensaker Halloween Skate event.

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