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Skateboarding is the act of rolling on or performing tricks with a skateboard.

Also known as: Rullebrett [norwegian] / Rullalauta [finnish] / Patineta [spanish]

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GSF Spring Jam 2018 Still Footage [21/5/2018]
Here are some pictures from the spring skate jam at GSF.

Willow Album Outtakes and Insights [21/5/2018]
Willow presents his Album: Outtakes and Insights clip.

X Games 2018 Oslo Results and Footage [20/5/2018]
Results and Footage From X Games Norway 2018.

X Games 2018 Oslo Live [20/5/2018]
Watch live X Games skateboarding from Skur 13 in Oslo, Norway.

Team Update: Sebastian Silva with Session Sandvika [20/5/2018]
Session Sandvika welcomes Sebastian Silva.

Team Update: Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards [20/5/2018]
Emma Bellstam on B:Aurora Skateboards.

Full Part: Andrew Allen Hockey Part [20/5/2018]
Andrew Allen Hockey Part.

Spotcheck: GSF Skatepark May 2018 [20/5/2018]
Pictures from GSF.

Spotcheck: Teaterplassen May 2018 [19/5/2018]
Teaterplassen got skatestopped a few years ago, right after its renovation, but not everything..

Damn Am Japan 2018 SPoT Life Trip Edit Footage [19/5/2018]
It turns out that street skating is about the most illegal thing you can do in Japan. But we tried. Plus a grip of footage from the contest that you didnt already see.

Damn Am Japan 2018 Finals Footage [19/5/2018]
Damn Ams Finals are amazing everywhere they go. So what about Japan? Maybe the AMAZINGEST.

Trailer: Out of Sight [19/5/2018]
Out of Sight is a series of short films from REAL Skateboards that highlights the efforts of a few who make skateboarding better for all.

X Games Norway 2018 Oslo Womens Street Footage [18/5/2018]
Watch the spoiler-free full broadcast of the Womens Skateboard Street final at X Games Norway 2018.

X Games 2018 Oslo Day 1 Results and Footage [18/5/2018]
Results and footage from the first day at X Games Oslo 2018.

X Games 2018 Oslo Live Streams [18/5/2018]
Where to watch X Games 2018 Oslo live.

Full Part: Kilian Zehnder K to Z [18/5/2018]
Filmed mostly in and around Zurich, Kilian Zehnders K to Z video part is an all-out assault on some European dream terrain. The Boulevard is hot!

Tour Footage: Bridget [18/5/2018]
A film by Sirus F Gahan for Grey and Vans documenting a trip to Marseille this January.

Tour Footage: Levis Here and There [18/5/2018]
See Naples and die is what they say, so this Spring Summer 2018 Levis Skateboarding partnered with Manny Lopez, Edouard Depaz, Quentin Boillon, Ale Cesario, Val Bauer, Charlie Munro and Mikey Patrick to see if Napoli lived up to all its praise and glory. They were welcomed by the beauty of the city, the organized chaos and the first snowfall in nearly 40 years. They discovered the streets and hidden spots the city had to offer while putting the SS18 collection to the test.

Episode: DGK Saved by Skateboarding at Lafayette [18/5/2018]
DGK squad takes over Lafayette Skatepark in Los Angeles for Saved by Skateboarding.

The Grotto Lotto Contest 2018 Footage [18/5/2018]
A secret contest up in Portland? No social media allowed during the event? Everybody killing it? Hell YES. Congrats to Austyn Gillette for capturing the top spot.

Wheels of Fortune 2018 Footage [18/5/2018]
More and more women are pushing the stuntwood, and their progression is skyrocketing. Big ups to Nanaka Fujisawa for taking home the top spot at Wheels of Fortune #9 in Seattle! Its an exciting time in skateboarding.

X Games 2018 Oslo Norwegian Qualification Results [18/5/2018]
Who got the wildcards for the Nordic X Games Qualifier.

Tour Footage: The Life Happens Video [18/5/2018]
Two Weeks in Copenhagen, Denmark with the Collective Culture team.

Brandon Biebel Mini Top 5 Interview [18/5/2018]
Crailtaps Mini Top 5 With Brandon Biebel.

X Games Trouble Due To NRK Strike [17/5/2018]
The NRK strike gives X Games trouble with failing ticket sales and amputated broadcasts.

Tampa Pro 2018 411 Footage [17/5/2018]
CCS and 411VM went down to Tampa in March for the Tampa Pro contest. Heres the Contests feature they brought back!

Jesse Vieira Thaw Files [17/5/2018]
Nothing much to say here. Jesse can and will skate anything in front of him. Just watch and enjoy.

Cole Wilson Raw Street Video [17/5/2018]
A behind the scenes look at what it took for Cole to take the gold medal in this years Xgames Real Street. These gnarly tricks come at a price!!

Nye Tasta Skatepark Completed [17/5/2018]
Mayor Christine Sagen Helg cut the red ribbon with skaters Benjamin Brune and Jonas Larsen for the official opening of Tasta Skatepark .

Suli Skatepark Construction Video [17/5/2018]
Make Life Skate Life has shared a video from day 4 at Sulaymaniyah Skatepark.

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