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Far n High 2017 Ride Best Trick Footage [30/5/2017]
Here is the footage from the best trick contest at Far n High.

Far n High 2017 Ride 1st Footage [30/5/2017]
Brazilian ripper Lucas Alves pulls an action packed run to win the Far N High 2017 contest this weekend in France. Watch the video to see how he did it.

Far n High 2017 Flatspot Footage [30/5/2017]
Flatspot Magazine were in Paris for the 10th annual of the Far n High Skateboard competition at the skatepark in Villiers-Sur-Orge.

Far n High 2017 Ride Qualifying Footage [30/5/2017]
Check out the skating from rippers around the world.

Robin Bolian VPS Interview [30/5/2017]
Robin Bolian is always a crowd favorite at every Vans Park Series stop. This young park killer from France skates fast, and has a crazy bag of tricks that consistently gets him into the finals with the seasoned vets. Get to know Robin Bolian!

Far n High 2017 Program [23/5/2017]
Here is the program for years Far n High contest.

Far n High Contest History [23/5/2017]
Take a look at the winners from previous years Far n High contest.

Element Make It Count 2017 [23/5/2017]
The Element Make It Count Series is back with a new format for 2017! Enter to win an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona with the Element Team to film a video part.

More Startpage Country Filters [23/5/2017]
Here is the complete list of startpage country filters with content.

Nike SB Barcelona AM 2017 Results and Footage [21/5/2017]
Here are results and footage from the Nike SB Barcelona Am contest.

Sabotage in Lyon 2017 Tour Footage [14/5/2017]
After the tragic fall of LOVE Park in Philly, Thrasher sent the Sabotage crew across the pond to session Lyons Hotel de Ville, another legendary plaza in danger of being snatched from the skate world.

10 Years of Far n High + 2017 Course Preview [8/5/2017]
Far n High contest has been going on for 10 years in Paris France, with 1st place winners including Luan Oliveira, Greg Lutzka and more. Check out a recap of the past winners and a sneak preview of the brand new 2017 course with French ripper Benjamin Garcia

Adidas Skate Copa Court 2017 Promo [12/4/2017]
From the streets and into the courts, Skate Copa Court builds on the vision of adidas Skateboardings team. By creating an obstacle specific to each of the 12 city stops, the team will be traveling to 12 worldwide destinations from April to November 2017.

Adidas Skate Copa Court Series 2017 [9/4/2017]
The adidas Skate Copa Court series will kick off on April 15 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City, traveling to Mexico, London, Los Angeles, and Europe eventually making stops in Buenos Aires and Tokyo.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2017 [8/4/2017]
Red Bull Bowl Rippers is being held at the Bowl Du Pradio in Marseille 16-18 June 2017.

Startpage Filter(s) Update [10/3/2017]
IN NORWAY has let you view The Justme Website startpage with content related only to Norway. Now some new country filters have been added to the menu!

Far n High 2017 Course Preview [21/2/2017]
The new street course for Far n High 2017 could be the best setup ever build, featuring granit ledges and brick transitions.

CDF #1 Street in Chelles 2017 Results and Footage [20/2/2017]
126 skaters traveled to the Paris region for the first event of the French Skateboard Championships in Chelles.

Sorgente and Russell Skate Bowls in France [17/2/2017]
Cruise with Alex Sorgente and Chris Russell as they embark on a Gallic bowl-hunting session in the concrete riviera of south-west France.

Checklist 2017 Official Footage [3/2/2017]
Checklist 2017 Official video report by Hugo Ghnassia.

Checklist 2017 Nonchalantes Footage [3/2/2017]
Here is Productions Nonchalantes footage from the Checklist Junior Contest in Paris, France.

Checklist 2017 Results and Footage [3/2/2017]
Here are results and some footage from the Checklist Junior Contest in Paris, France.

Far n High 2017 [2/2/2017]
The Far n High International Skateboard Contest returns 25th - 28th May 2017.

Red Bull Bowl Rippers 2017 [2/2/2017]
Red Bull Bowl Rippers is coming to the Prado Bowl in Marseille, France, on June 15-18, 2017.

French Skateboard Championships 2017 [10/1/2017]
Here are the events of this years Championat De France Skateboard 2017, the French skateboard championships.

NL Contest 2017 [9/1/2017]
NL Contest returns to Skatepark de la Rotonde in Strasbourg on 19-21 May 2017.

Nike SB The Checklist 2017 [31/12/2016]
Best international Young bloods can try to catch the golden ticket for the Far n High semi-finals at The Checklist 28th January 2017.

Lyon Skaters Petition To Save Skate Plaza [21/11/2016]
Skateboarders in Lyon has started a petition to stop the citys plan to renovate the legendary Louis Pradel plaza in order to make it impossible for skateboarders to use it.

District Teaser [2/11/2016]
Here is the teaser for the full video from District Skateboards in France.

Max of Mini 2016 Results and Footage [29/10/2016]
Here are results and footage from the 15th edition of the Max and Mini contest.

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