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Oslo is the capital city of Norway.

Also known as: Christiania / Kristiania / Tigerstaden

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Haugenstua Outdoor Skatepark Upgrade [23/6/2017]
The outdoor skatepark at Haugenstua is getting som fresh concrete.

Oslo Games 2017 Results and Footage [23/6/2017]
Here are the results and footage from this years Oslo Games.

Oslo Games 2017 1st Footage [22/6/2017]
Here is the winning Oslo Games video from team Per Christian Lvs.

Oslo Games 2017 2nd Footage [22/6/2017]
Oslo Games video from team Krzysztof Godek.

Oslo Games 2017 3rd Footage [22/6/2017]
Oslo Games video from team Alex Holm.

Oslo Games 2017 4th Footage [22/6/2017]
Oslo Games video from team Edward Knai Nilsen.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 at Hausmania [21/6/2017]
The Hausmania bowl will be open for Go Skateboarding Day. Skate Fight Club!

Skatepark Selected Sports Facility of the Year [20/6/2017]
Norges idrettsforbund, Kulturdepartementet and Bad, park og idrett has chosen Voldslkka Skatepark as the sport facility of the year.

X Games 2016 Oslo AJE Footage [20/6/2017]
Arne jrgen Enggrav has made this edit from last years X Games skate contest at Skur 13.

Wants X Games Skateboard Back To Oslo [19/6/2017]
X Games Norway has asked for 3,5 million NOK from the Norwegian government, to arrange a skateboarding contest in Oslo.

Oslo Games Go 2017 Premier Party [19/6/2017]
This years Oslo Games Go premier party is being held Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

Oslo Games 2017 Lineup [14/6/2017]
Oslo Games Go is currently ongoing. Here is this years team lineups.

Mammas Skate Shop Jam 2017 Footage [4/6/2017]
Hermann Stene and the entire Stene family threw a BBQ and Skate Jam at Mnejordet Skatepark in Larvik, Norway to celebrate the release of the new Mammas X REAL board, available now at Mammas Skate Shop.

Free Entrance at Skur 13 Skatepark [4/6/2017]
Skur 13 Skatepark has free entrance this summer.

The Creature Video Norway Premiers [1/6/2017]
The Creature Video premiers and best trick contests in Oslo 1st June and 3rd June, 2017.

Girls Weekend at Oslo skatehall. [1/6/2017]
Oslo Skatehall is hosting a girls only event 17-18 June, 2017.

Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Opening Footage 2 [27/5/2017]
Here is a video from the official opening of the new outdoor skatepark at Oslo Skatehall.

Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Opening Footage [23/5/2017]
Here are some pictures from the official opening of the new skatepark outside Oslo Skatehall.

Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Opening [18/5/2017]
The new skatepark outside Oslo Skatehall is being officially opened on Saturday 20th May, 2017.

Skatepark at Norway Cup 2017 [18/5/2017]
Betongpark is bringing a miniramp to this years Norway Cup between 29th July and 5th August, 2017.

Oslo Spring 2017 #4 [12/5/2017]
Here is part four of the Oslo Spring series.

Spotcheck: Torshov DIY May 2017 [12/5/2017]
The small DIY park at Torshov got a new pyramid since our last visit.

Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Completed [8/5/2017]
IOU Ramps has finished building the skatepark outside Oslo Skatehall.

The Dan Challenge [7/5/2017]
Jrgen Johannessen documented Dan Stenes 29th birthday celebration on 22nd April 2017.

Spotcheck: Marienlyst Miniramp May 2017 [6/5/2017]
The popular miniramp at Marienlyst is in poor condition, but it seems efforts are being made to save it.

Oslo Skatehall Outdoor Skatepark Construction [5/5/2017]
IOU Ramps is building the outdoor skatepark at Oslo Skatehall.

Oslo Skatehall Gillette World Sports Feature [22/4/2017]
After a brief conversation over the phone, it took half a year for Andreas Schutzenberger and Rune Glifberg to create their dream skate park. Now the Oslo Skatehall is a fully functioning skaters paradise with a unique floating bowl...

Oslo Spring 2017 #3 [19/4/2017]
Here are some more spring pictures from spots and skateparks in Oslo.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen Soleklar Skatepark Promo [19/4/2017]
Jan Fredrik Karlsen visits Skur 13 and gets padded up for skateboarding in this promo video to get the last 250.000 Kr needed for the planned concrete skatepark in Mandal.

Spotcheck: Manglerud Miniramp April 2017 [19/4/2017]
The miniramp at Manglerud is holding up, but was a bit wet when we visited it.

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