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Oslo is the capital city of Norway.

Also known as: Christiania / Kristiania / Tigerstaden

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X Games 2018 Oslo Athletes #1 [5/2/2018]
The first batch of athlets for X Games Oslo has been released.

X Games 2018 Oslo Tickets [30/1/2018]
Tickets for X Games Oslo are now available.

Nordmarka Vrterl Best Trick Results and Footage [11/1/2018]
Here are the results and footage from the Nordamarka Vrterl Best Trick contest at Oslo Skatehall.

X Games Returns To Oslo [7/1/2018]
Now in its third year, X Games Norway will bring Ski and Snowboard Big Air and Skateboard Street competitions back to downtown Oslo and to Fornebu in Brum May 16 20 in celebration of Norways constitution day on 17 May.

Lindern Skaters Forms Organisation [7/1/2018]
Lindern Skateboard is being started 14th Januar, 2018.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Street Footage [27/12/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav has made this edit from the All Terrain Ripper street contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Opplev Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
#opplevoslo presents the indoor skatepark in Oslo, Norway.

Nordmarka Best Trick at Oslo Skatehall [23/12/2017]
Nordmarka Vrterl and Karsten Kleppa invites to a best trick contest at Oslo Skatehall on January 6th, 2018.

Oslo Skatehall 1 Year Anniversary [23/12/2017]
The indoor skatepark in Oslo celebrates one year on Saturday 13th January, 2018.

Torshovrampen Edit [22/12/2017]
Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah made this edit from Torshovrampen in Oslo.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Bowl Footage [19/12/2017]
Arne Jrgen Enggrav gives you this edit from the All Terrain Ripper bowl contest at Oslo Skatehall.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Results and Footage [19/12/2017]
Here are the results from the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Work Started On Nordstrand Skatepark [16/12/2017]
The ground works for the new skatepark at Nordstrand has begun.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 Riderslist [15/12/2017]
43 invited skaters from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and USA are coming to the All Terrain Ripper contest at Oslo Skatehall.

Rdhuset Oslo Video [30/11/2017]
Oslos premier skatespot gets thoroughly shredded from every angle. Its inspiring to see all the different ways this place gets destroyed. Big ups, dudes!

Full Part: Daniel Spiro at Torshov [27/11/2017]
Robin Thorn has made a Daniel Spiro full part from the Torshov miniramp.

X Games Skate Back On Track With Drug Testing [24/11/2017]
Skateboarding at the Norwegian X Games event next year is one step closer, after Antidoping Norge and X Games Norge reached an agreement that the skaters partispating will be drug tested.

Michael Sommer Almost World Report Oslo [20/11/2017]
Almost World Report is a view into our extended family around the world. And we are kicking this one off with Norways smooth operator with style for miles Michael Sommer with this VX part filmed entirely in his home town of Oslo.

Christmas Market at Oslo Skatehall [11/11/2017]
A christmas skateboard market is being held at the indoor skatepark in Oslo on Sunday, December 3rd, 2017.

Hjul I Skuret 2017 [10/11/2017]
This years christmas event at Skur 13 is being held Saturday, December 2, 2017.

All Terrain Ripper 2017 [1/11/2017]
Oslo Skatehall invites to an invitational all terrain contest on 16th December, 2017.

All Terrain Skatejam 2017 [1/11/2017]
To warm up for All Terrain Ripper Skur 13 is hosting a skatejam on 15th December, 2017.

Pushed Out Of Own Skatepark [1/11/2017]
Stemmen RM Srum says the decision to allow kickbikes and inline at Oslo Skatepark, will impact the skateboard communitys smallest groups; beginners, children and girls the most.

B:Aurora The Future Is Female Video Premier [26/10/2017]
B:Aurora Skateboards are premiering their second video, The Future Is Female, at Krsset in Oslo on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Kickbikes and Inline at Oslo Skatehall [24/10/2017]
The skateboard only test period is over, and for the next test period kickbikes and inline skaters will be allowed access to Oslo Skatehall

Oslo Skatehall Microramp Fix [24/10/2017]
The microramp at the indoor skatepark in Oslo is getting new surface and coping.

Wants Skatepark at Falck Ytters Plass [18/10/2017]
Falck Ytters Skateboardklubb is a local skateboard organisation for St Hanshaugen and Ila, that are working to allow skatebording at Falck Ytters Plass in Oslo.

Layers Video Premier [3/10/2017]
Martin Stuve Strms new video Layers is premiering at Dattera til Hagen in Oslo, Friday, October 20, 2017.

Oslo Skatehall Skateboardmarket [28/9/2017]
A skateboard market is being held at the indoor skatepark in Oslo on October 14 October 15, 2017.

Oslo Skate and Surf Flee Market [28/9/2017]
A skate and surf flee market is being held in Oslo 7th October, 2017.

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