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China is a country in East Asia.

Also known as:

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Report Card Full Video [2/8/2017]
Report Card is a full skate video from Zane Timpson.

Gino Iannucci in Copenhagen [28/7/2017]
Short clip of Gino Iannucci.

FP insoles Communist Wonderland 2017 Tour Footage [10/7/2017]
When it comes to skating, China is a wonderland with a plethora of incredible spots. The FP insoles team gets to work on those marble plazas in their Communist Wonderland video.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Footage [28/6/2017]
The fourteenth Go Skateboarding Day was celebrated on June 21st. Check out the footage from around the world.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Shenyang Footage [28/6/2017]
Chisanga David travelled from Anshan to Shenyang for Go Skateboarding Day in China.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 [21/6/2017]
Dew Tour Am Search is searching for the best up-and-coming skateboarders from around the world and helping them launch into the spotlight! Vote for your favorite videos! Finalists will compete in the Dew Tour Am Series in Barcelona.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 [20/6/2017]
June 21, 2017 is the 14th annual celebration of Go Skateboarding Day.

adidas Skate Copa 2017 Shanghai Footage [4/6/2017]
Travel to China for the second Skate Copa Court event and the launch of the Hlas x adidas collaboration in Shanghai.

Element Make It Count 2017 [23/5/2017]
The Element Make It Count Series is back with a new format for 2017! Enter to win an all expenses paid trip to Barcelona with the Element Team to film a video part.

More Startpage Country Filters [23/5/2017]
Here is the complete list of startpage country filters with content.

Tabulam Skatepark Opened [19/5/2017]
The Tabulam Skate Park is now officially open to the public.

Exploring Chinas Skate Scene with Wang Huifeng [19/4/2017]
Vice INTL head to Shenzhen, where Wang Huifeng is tearing it up as a professional skateboarder for Vans. The strictly-street skater takes us to his favorite spots in the province, and tells us whats keeping Chinas skate scene from taking off, along with what hes doing to help it flourish.

Adidas Skate Copa Court 2017 Promo [12/4/2017]
From the streets and into the courts, Skate Copa Court builds on the vision of adidas Skateboardings team. By creating an obstacle specific to each of the 12 city stops, the team will be traveling to 12 worldwide destinations from April to November 2017.

Adidas Skate Copa Court Series 2017 [9/4/2017]
The adidas Skate Copa Court series will kick off on April 15 in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York City, traveling to Mexico, London, Los Angeles, and Europe eventually making stops in Buenos Aires and Tokyo.

Paul Hart China Part [23/7/2016]
17 days of skating in China was all it took for Paul to come out with this dope part. Nonstop epic skating everyday.

One On One 2016 Results and Footage [11/7/2016]
One On One is Chinas version of BATB. Here are results and some footage.

Footprint China Trip 2015 Tour Footage [25/3/2016]
The Footprint team went on a trip to China last year.

Zoo York China Tour 2015 Footage [30/7/2015]
Earlier this month, Zoo Yorks Chaz Ortiz, Black Dave, Gavin Nolan and Ian Twa toured through three cities in China in 10 days, with streets, demos, signings, the Great Wall and more.

KIA World Extreme Games 2013 Results and Footage [8/7/2013]
The first KIA World Extreme Games was held in Shanghai, China, in June. Here are results and footage.

China Gets Snowboard World Championships [26/3/2013]
The next snowboard World Championship is being held in China in 2016.

Damn Am 2011 Shanghai Resulta and Footage [4/10/2011]
The Damn Am contest series visited Shanghai a while ago. Here are results and footage.

Habitat in China 2008 Footage [10/3/2011]
Back in 2008 the Habitat Skateboards team went to China. Here is some lost footage that resurfaced the following year.

Nanshan Open 2011 Results [27/1/2011]
The ninth annual Red Bull Nanshan Open snowboard contest was held in China recently. Here are results and footage from the event.

Woodward Skatepark Beijing [21/12/2009]
Woodward has signed a licensing and consulting agreement with the Chinese government to open Woodward Beijing. Here is some footage and information.

China Invitational 2009 Photage [13/7/2009]
The Alli China Invitational was held in Beijing in May, featuring both skateboard and BMX competitions. Here is some photage from the event.

China Invitational 2009 Results [24/5/2009]
The Alli China Invitational was held in Beijing recently, featuring both skateboard and BMX competitions. Here are the results.

China Invitational 2009 [3/5/2009]
The Alli China Invitational is being held May 8-10 at the Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium, featuring both skateboard park and vert and BMX vert competitions.

Nanshan Open 2009 Photage [13/1/2009]
The seventh annual Red Bull Nanshan Open snowboard contest was held at the Nanshan Ski Resort in Beijing, China recently. Here are some videos from the event.

Nanshan Open 2009 Results [12/1/2009]
The seventh annual Red Bull Nanshan Open snowboard contest was held at the Nanshan Ski Resort in Beijing, China recently. Here are the results from the event.

Nanshan Open 2009 Program [6/1/2009]
The seventh Red Bull Nanshan Open is being held at the Nanshan Ski Resort in Beijing, China this week. Here is the program for the event.

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