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Spain is a country in Europe.

Also known as: The Kingdom of Spain [full title] / Spania [norwegian]

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Team Update: Pepe Garcia with Jart [20/6/2018]
The Jart team just added a new breath of fresh air. Check out Pepe Garcias welcome part right here!

Damn Am 2018 Barcelona Promo Video [11/6/2018]
Damn Am and Nike SB set their sights on the next stop of the tour: Barcelona!

Weedmaps Road To Spannabis Episode 1 [10/5/2018]
The Weedmaps team trekked from Lisbon, Portugal, around the north of Spain, and down to Barcelona for the Spannabis Cup. Roll up with episode one.

Full Video: Time For Some Action [3/5/2018]
Time For Some Action is an Independent street skateboarding video, filmed in Barcelona, Madrid and Basque Country spots.

Team Update: Ulph Andersson on Creature [29/4/2018]
Creature welcome Swedish born, Spain Livin, Ulph Andersson to the international flow team.

Firing Line: Tom Penny [7/3/2018]
The word LEGEND has become a popular part of our lexicon, maybe a bit overused. However, when discussing Mr Tom Penny, the term will always apply, and this line in Barcelona is a gift from the Skate Gods.

Roberto Aleman for Bones Bearings [7/3/2018]
Roberto Aleman skating Bones Swiss Bearings to help keep his speed on the brick terrain of some Barcelona spots.

Tour Footage: Balearic Wanderers [28/2/2018]
The eclectic Pusher Bearings team skate the Balearics.

Almost A Minute Episode 13 [28/2/2018]
In this episode, Tyson stoped by Peak Park to warm up before the filming mission and Youness 3 quick lines in Spain.

Madrid Banning Street Skateboarding [24/2/2018]
Jenkem Mag has an article about the banning of street skateboarding in Madrid, Spain.

Madrid To Ban Skateboarding In The Streets [21/2/2018]
Madrid is planning to ban skateboarding in the streets, and a petition has been started against it.

Tour Footage: Element in Barcelona [16/2/2018]
Introducing the Element Spring 2018 seasonal video, shot around the Barcelona area.

Team Update: Juan Virues Welcome to Universal [7/2/2018]
Universal welcomes Viru to the team.

Tour Video: GSK in Barcelona 2017 [5/2/2018]
Grenland Skateboardklubb went on a trip to Barcelona in October 2017.

Tour Video: Sabotage in Spain [5/2/2018]
After filming a killer video last year in the streets of Lyon, it only made sense to send the Sabotage crew back to Europe for more, this time grinding through the gilded blocks of skateboardings mecca. Enjoy..

Best of 2017: MACBALife x TWS [10/1/2018]
Look back on a busy year at Spains skateboarding Mecca. 2018 is gonna be hot! Book your airfare and have yourself a little taste of the MACBA Life!

Nike SB Europe: Spotter [27/12/2017]
Fernando Bramsmark, Hugo Boserup and Jacopo Carozzi joined the Sentfields Boyz Mitrel Vasile, Ivan Martinez and Dani Martinez for a few days in November sessioning Barcelonas DIY, Spotter.

Tour Footage: Krooked Team in Barcelona [18/12/2017]
The Krooked team kruised out to Barcelona on a filming mission for LSD : Lets Skate Dude and came back with a ton of footage! This is the extended edit from the LSD video with more skating, behind the scenes footage, and klips.

King of Macba 2017 Final Battle 15 [29/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Final. Battle 14. Gustav Tonnesen VS Roger Silva.

King Of Macba 2017 Semi Final Battle 14 [24/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Semifinal. Battle 14. Diego Cano VS Gustav Tonnesen.

King of Macba 2017 Semi Final Battle 13 [23/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Semifinal. Battle 13. Roger Silva VS Marek Zaprazny.

Joey Guevara in Barcelona [23/11/2017]
Joey just oozes power and style, and even though we see Barcelona footy all the time his approach contributes a fresh twist. Killer soundtrack too.

King of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 12 [23/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 12. Nisse Ingemarsson VS Gustav Tonnesen.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 11 [16/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 11. Marek Zaprazny VS Cristian Vannella.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 10 [9/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 10. Diego Cano VS Pedro Attemborough.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 2 Battle 9 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 2. Battle 9. Titi Gormit VS Roger Silva.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 1 Battle 8 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 1. Battle 8. Gustav Tonnesen VS Dani Jenks.

King Of Macba 2017 Round 1 Battle 7 [7/11/2017]
King Of Macba 2017. Round 1. Battle 7. Marek Zaprazny VS Mikel Vidal.

Roger Silva Am Series Interview [3/11/2017]
Spanish transplant from Brazil Roger Silva repeats a first place finish at Dew Tour Am Series. Winning last years final competition in Amsterdam, Roger made another appearance at this years competition on his home turf. Although he was skating with an injured ankle and kept his skating a bit reserved, his consistent skating stacked points that put him into the final heat once again. With the sun on his back and luck on his side, Roger took home first place and another trip to next years Dew Tour in California.

Dew Tour Am Series 2017 Recap Footage [30/10/2017]
Ten Am Search winners from all parts of the globe flew into skateboardings mecca of destinations, Barcelona. During the stay in Barcelona, Mountain Dew riders Sean Malto, Chris (Cookie) Colbourn, and Jordan Maxham joined in for some paydays. Overall, the days spent in paradise were filled with amazing skating and high fives all around.

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