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Sweden is a Nordic country in Scandinavia, Northern Europe.

Also known as: The Kingdom of Sweden [full title] / Konungariket Sverige [swedish]

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Folkets Park Gets Facelift [5/9/2017]
All On Board has given the skatepark at Folkets Park in Borlange a facelift.

Millencollin Open 2017 Results [29/8/2017]
Here are the results from this years Millencolin Open in Sweden.

Bowlstock 2017 Results [29/8/2017]
Here are the results from this years Bowlstock in Sweden.

Millencolin Open 2017 [25/8/2017]
Millencolin Open 2017 is being held in Orebro, as a part of Betongcupen, 24-27 August, 2017.

DN Bowlstock Feature [19/8/2017]
DN takes a look at the Bowlstock contest at Hogdalen Skatepark in Stockholm.

Skate Malmo Street Sydsvenskan Feature [19/8/2017]
Sydsvenskan has an article about the Skate Malmo Street contest.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 Spain Winner [9/8/2017]
Congrats to Spains Am Search winner Manuel Stiefvater! Manuel is one of ten Am Search winners who will be out in Barcelona and will compete in the Dew Tour Am Series contest. If you havent already, check out his Am Search entry.

New Skatepark In Mariestad [24/7/2017]
A new concrete bowl has been opened outside Ungdomskulturhuset Elvarket in Mariestad, Sweden.

Evergreen Skateparks at Nybygget Parkleken [23/7/2017]
Evergreen Skateparks tests the new skatepark they built in Farsta, Sweden.

Skate Malmo Street 2017 [20/7/2017]
Skate Malm: Street is back, inviting skaters from all over the world to come open up new spots in Malm. New street spots, skateable sculptures, group sessions, filming, art, parties. All while the Malm Festival is keeping the city lit, 11 13 August, 2017.

Kaleidoscope Pro Foppa [16/7/2017]
Foppa is now pro for Kaleidoscope Skateboard Co!

New Skatepark in Stockholm [16/7/2017]
The new Drakens Skateboardsplats in Stocholm has been opened.

Bowlstock 2017 Sponsor Problems [9/7/2017]
Bowlstock is having financial problems after one of their main sponsors, Veidekke Bostad, pulled out because they had not been able to publish a story in their internal magazine.

Roof Skate In Skovde [9/7/2017]
The police in Skovde were contacted about kids skating on the roof of Vasaskolan.

Betongcupen 2017 Perstorp Results [2/7/2017]
Here are results from the Betongcupen contest in Perstorp, Sweden.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 Footage [28/6/2017]
The fourteenth Go Skateboarding Day was celebrated on June 21st. Check out the footage from around the world.

Betongcupen 2017 Varnamo IG Footage [26/6/2017]
Isak Gustavsson made this edit from the Betongcupen contest in Varnamo.

Ljungby Got Concrete Miniramp [23/6/2017]
Bryggeriet Bygg has completed a new concrete miniramp in Ljungby, Sweden.

Dew Tour Am Search 2017 [21/6/2017]
Dew Tour Am Search is searching for the best up-and-coming skateboarders from around the world and helping them launch into the spotlight! Vote for your favorite videos! Finalists will compete in the Dew Tour Am Series in Barcelona.

Mrten Rapp SE Feature [21/6/2017]
Swedish skater Mrten Rapp got a feature in the local paper, after his manual clip got over 4 million views.

Go Skateboarding Day 2017 [20/6/2017]
June 21, 2017 is the 14th annual celebration of Go Skateboarding Day.

Vans Park Series 2017 Practice Footage [12/6/2017]
The Vans Park Series Malmo contest was heated from the first run of prelims to the last run of finals, but thats not all the ripping that went down that week. Check out some of the jaw-droppers from practice.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo Results and Footage [5/6/2017]
Here are the results and footage from the Vans Park Series stop in Sweden.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo Recap Footage [5/6/2017]
After last years Finals, Vans Pro Skate Park Series hits Malmo once again for the 2017 VPS Sweden Qualifier. Great vibes, a rowdy crowd and insane levels of skateboarding made for one unforgettable weekend. Join us for a look at the behind the scenes at one of the years heaviest skate contests, in one of Europes finest Skate cities.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo Leftover Footage [5/6/2017]
When Vans Park Series comes to town, its a week of nonstop destruction. From practice sessions to the finals, this is some of the best park skating youll ever see. Check out all of the extras from the week in Malmo, Sweden.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo Red Bull Footage [4/6/2017]
Malmo is one of the worlds most skateboard-friendly cities, as proved by its incredible skate scene and this epic park. For stop three of the Vans Park Series tour, a custom-built park was built to maximize flow and style as the red carpet rolled out for the best of the best transition skaters in the game.

Betongcupen 2017 Perstorp [4/6/2017]
Betongcupen is coming to Perstorp 17th June, 2017.

Love Park To Sweden [4/6/2017]
Malmo is getting some of the granit saved from the legendary Love Park.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo Highlights Footage [30/5/2017]
The third stop of the 2017 Vans Park Series in Malmo, Sweden was full of heavy skating and vicious slams. This was one of the best contests weve seen so far. Check out all the highlights, and get to Malmo on a skate mission if you can. The city, the skateparks, the people... everything is great about Malmo.

Vans Park Series 2017 Malmo 1st Footage [30/5/2017]
Alex Sorgente has gone Back 2 Back in Malmo.

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