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The Federal Republic of Germany is one of the worlds leading industrialised countries.

Also known as: Bundesrepublik Deutschland [germany]

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Fest Cup Vert Challenge 2017 [5/2/2017]
The Fest Cup Vert Challenge is a skateboard and inline vert contest being held in Karlsruhe, Germany, July 21 July 23, 2017.

Bright Awards 2017 Results and Footage [31/1/2017]
Here are results and footage from the 6th edition of the Bright European Skateboarding Awards.

COS Cup Series 2017 [10/1/2017]
The COS Cup Series are the reginal qualifiers for the German skateboard championships, being held in Rust 3-5 November 2017.

Dawn of the Shred 2017 [4/1/2017]
The Dawn of the Shred vert contest is being held at Berlin Skatehalle 10-12 February 2017.

Dennis Busenitz: Long Time No See, Munich [22/12/2016]
Celebrating his 10th anniversary on adidas, Dennis Busenitz visited his hometown Munich and the spots where he started skating.

Bright European Skateboard Awards 2017 [21/12/2016]
Voting for this years Bright European Skateboard Awards is open until 23rd December.

Hamburg Hell 2017 [28/10/2016]
Hamburg Hell is being held at I-Punkt Skateland Park 10-11 March 2017.

Farid Ulrich Free Skate Mag Interview [28/10/2016]
Free Skateboard Magazine has put their Farid Ulrich interview from issue 7 online.

Europes Best Skate Plazas [24/10/2016]
Kingpin Magazine takes a look at the best skate plazas in Europe.

Hollywood x Berlin Radler 2016 Tour Footage [14/10/2016]
The Hollywood Skateteam went to Berlin, Germany, for five days of skating and Radler. This is Hollywood Radler Tour.

DC Special Delivery II Germany Tour 2016 Footage [13/9/2016]
Here is some footage from the DC Shoes Special Delivery II tour to Germany.

Battle at the Rat Bowl 2016 [21/5/2016]
Volcom presents Battle at the Rat Bowl in Cologne, Germany, Saturday, June 4 2016.

Holy Stokes Premier Dates [19/5/2016]
Here are the European premier dates for Volcoms Holy Stokes! A Real Life Happening video.

Nike SB Euro Series 2016 [28/4/2016]
Here is the schedule for this years Nike SB Euro Series.

Make It Count 2016 [25/3/2016]
The 2016 Make It Count international contest series is back, and with a new format.

Skate n Rock 2016 [21/3/2016]
The 8th Skate n Rock confest will take place the 08.20.2016 in Nordheim am Main, Germany.

Bright Trade Show 2016 [5/3/2016]
The Bright Trade Show is being held 28-30 June 2016 at Arena Berlin.

Christoph Radtke on eS Footwear Germany [3/1/2016]
Rough Distribution in Germany has welcomed Christoph Radtke to the S Footwear team.

Dusseldorf Gets New Skatepark [9/12/2015]
Dusseldorf is spending 1.8 million euros on a new 3,800 square meter skatepark, to be completed in the late summer of 2016.

Skateboard Accident In Wolfenbuttel [14/2/2015]
A scooter driver in Wolfenbuttel, Germany, was injured after a skateboarder fell and lost his skateboard into traffic. The board was then hit by a car causing it to launch into the face of the driver of the moped.

RVCA Germany Tour 2012 Footage [13/2/2013]
The RVCA team went on a tour to Germany last year. Here is the footage.

T Extreme Playground Berlin 2011 Results and Footy [5/12/2011]
Telekom Extreme Playgrounds was held in Berlin recently. Here is the footage and results from the event.

New Skatepark in Dingolfing, Germany [13/11/2011]
Back in September California Skateparks and G-Ramps finished a new skatepark in Dingolfing, Germany. Here is some information.

Clich Germany BBQ Tour 2011 Footage [4/10/2011]
The Cliche team went to Germany for some beers, bbq and skateboarding. Here is the footage from the trip.

Emerica Outsiders Tour 2011 Recap [8/9/2011]
Here is the full recap of the Emerica Outsider Tour 2011 with the official tour video and more footage from all the stops.

Globes Journey To Valhalla 2011 Germany Footage [26/8/2011]
Last month the Globe team visited Germany and held at demo at the Bright Tradeshow. Here is the footage.

Emerica Outsiders Tour 2011 Germany Footage [14/8/2011]
The Emerica team visited Germany last month as part of their Outsider Tour. Here is some footage.

Sweet in Berlin 2011 Tour Footage [2/8/2011]
Sweet Skateboards visited Berlin recently. Here is some footage from the trip.

Vans Shop Riot 2011 Germany Footage and Results [3/7/2011]
The Vans European Shop Riot Street Series visited Germany last month. Here is some footage and results.

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