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Oslo Girl Open Skate is being held at Skur 13 in conjunction with NORB NM 2017. Street contests were moved here on Saturday.

Also known as: Pushwagner Hallen / Oslo Skatepark / Oslo Indoor Skatepark

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Hjul I Skuret 2017 [10/11/2017]
This years christmas event at Skur 13 is being held Saturday, December 2, 2017.

All Terrain Skatejam 2017 [1/11/2017]
To warm up for All Terrain Ripper Skur 13 is hosting a skatejam on 15th December, 2017.

Aftenposten Looks At Indoor Skateparks [22/9/2017]
Aftenposten did an article about the two indoor skateparks currently available in Oslo.

NORB NM 2017 Senior Street Raw Justme Footage [19/8/2017]
aw footage from the Norwegian senior street skateboard championships in Oslo, Norway.

NORB NM 2017 Junior Street Raw Justme Footage [19/8/2017]
aw footage from the Norwegian junior street skateboard championships in Oslo, Norway.

NORB NM 2017 Street Footage [1/8/2017]
Check out the recap from the Norwegian street skateboarding championships.

NORB NM 2017 Senior Street 1st Footage [31/7/2017]
See how Hermann Stene won the street contest at this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

NORB NM 2017 Results and Footage [30/7/2017]
Here are the final results and footage from this years Norwegian skateboard championships.

NORB NM 2017 Street Live Footage [29/7/2017]
Watch the street finals from the Norwegian skateboard championships live from Skur 13.

NORB NM 2017 Moves To Skur 13 [29/7/2017]
Due to the weather forecast, the Norwegian skateboard championships has moved to Skur 13 for Saturday.

NORB NM 2017 The Venues [24/7/2017]
Here is a closer look at all the venues for this year Norwegian skateboard championships in Oslo.

NORB NM 2017 Program [14/7/2017]
Here is the full program for this years Norwegian Skateboard Championships, beging held in Oslo 27-30 July, 2017.

NORB NM 2017 Oslo Girl Open Skate [13/7/2017]
Jenteskate and NORB are hosting a girls only skateboard weekend in Oslo during the Norwegian skateboard championships, 28-30 July, 2017.

Free Entrance at Skur 13 Skatepark [4/6/2017]
Skur 13 Skatepark has free entrance this summer.

Jan Fredrik Karlsen Soleklar Skatepark Promo [19/4/2017]
Jan Fredrik Karlsen visits Skur 13 and gets padded up for skateboarding in this promo video to get the last 250.000 Kr needed for the planned concrete skatepark in Mandal.

Spotcheck: Skur 13 Spine Ramp [11/4/2017]
A new miniramp with a spine and corner has been set up at Skur 13 in Oslo.

Skur 13 Finansnringens Dag Commercial [30/3/2017]
Finansnringens Dag Skur 13 commercial video.

Marcus Vik at Skur 13 Skatehall [17/3/2017]
Marcus Vik at Skur Skatehall from The Ride Channel.

Skur 13 Best Trick + Skate Jam [17/3/2017]
A skateboard jam and best trick contest is being held at Skur 13 on Friday 17th March 2017.

Womens Day at Skur 13 [8/3/2017]
Women get free entrance for Skur 13 on the International Womens Day, Wednesday, March 8th 2017.

Money For OSF [18/1/2017]
Oslo Skateboardforening got 321.000 kroner to build a minirampland at Skur 13, buy equipment and teach.

Skur 13 Skatepark Opens For More Non Skateboarding [17/1/2017]
With the new indoor skatepark in Oslo being skateboarding only, Skur 13 has announced it will work to better facilitate other user groups.

500.000 For Skur 13 Skatepark [21/12/2016]
Gjensidigestiftelsen has given 500.000 Kr for further development of Skur 13.

Hjul i Skuret 2016 [15/12/2016]
Skuret Skatepark invites to a christmas session today 15th December 2016.

Meeting About Self Organised Sports [17/11/2016]
Petter Hatlem has invited to a meeting about self organised sports at Skur 13 on Monday 28 November 2016.

Indoor Skateparks In Norway 2016/2017 [7/11/2016]
Winter is upon us once again. Here is another look at the indoor skateparks in Norway.

Game Over For X Games Oslo [24/9/2016]
X Games Oslo will not receive funding from Oslo Kommune for next years event, wich means there will not be a skateboarding contest in Oslo in 2017.

Skur 13 Grand Opening 2016 [21/8/2016]
The Skur 13 indoor skatepark in Oslo is having a grand opening event on Sunday 28th August, 2016.

Skur 13 Bymijetaten Promo [18/7/2016]
Skur 13 is part of the #opplevOslo campaign from Bymiljetaten. Here is the promo video.

Skur 13 Promo Video [13/7/2016]
Amin Olve Klungseth Ullah made this promo video for the Skur 13 indoor skatepark in Oslo.

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