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Classic photographs by Jay Adams stephfather Kent Sherwood.

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Lives On Board Free Download [2/3/2017]
The 2009 book Lifes on Board is now available for free download.

Jay Boy Re-Release [10/25/2016]
An updated version of Jay Boy, the book featuring photographs from the early years of Jay Adams, is being re-released next year.

Mats Hatlem Book Commercial [8/9/2016]
Mats Hatlem has put out an Instagram video to promote his new book.

New Mats Hatlem Skate Book [7/12/2016]
A new Norwegian skateboard book about Mats Hatlem, with a foreword written by Tony Hawk, is now available for pre-ordering.

National Geographic To Publish Skateboard Book [10/5/2015]
Award-winning skateboard photographer Jonathan Mehring is releasing his book Skate the World trough National Geographic.

Lars Gart Book Launch and Exhibition Footage [5/16/2015]
Here are some pictures from the first day of the Lars Gart book launch and exhibition at Gallery Cyan.

Lars Gart Launches Book [5/3/2015]
Lars Gart is having a book lauch and photo exibition at Galleri Cyan 15 - 16 May 2015.

Dennis McGrath Launches Book [4/25/2015]
Dennis McGrath has announced the launch of his first book, Heaven.

The Handmade Skateboard Preview [11/7/2014]
The Handmade Skateboard is the definitive book on building custom skate decks of all shapes and sizes.

The Secret History of the Ollie [9/19/2014]
Craig Snyder is using Kickstarter to raise funds for printing his book; A Secret History of the Ollie.