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Populist 2017: Zion Wright
Here is Zion Wrights Populist 2017 video.


When The Berrics featured Zion Wright in Next New Wave two years ago, it was a no-brainer. He had the stuff (the Wright stuff) that makes people sit up and take notice. Lo and behold, in 2017 Zion turned pro shortly after they aired his Recruit. Hes a new breed, eager to put in a full days work on every outing. Zion will 540 in a backyard bowl in the afternoon, then half-Cab crook the Hollywood 16 at night. And hes just getting started. We could spend year after year watching his clips and still not reach the peak of Mt. Zion. This is why Zion is in the running for this years Populist. Do the right thing and vote.

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Populist 2017: Zion Wright [11/1/2018]
Here is Zion Wrights Populist 2017 video.

Zion Wright at Sheldon Park [25/12/2017]
Zion Wright wishing the Sheldon Park locals and everyone a REAL Happy Holiday.

Zion Wright What Youth Interview [26/11/2017]
What Youth decided to take Zion Wright out for the day, since he recently moved out to California to pursue skating. Featuring some cameo shredding by Shane Borland.


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Skating a Wind-Turbine Park [21/6/2017]
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