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Tampa Am is an annual amature skateboard contest in Tampa, Florida.

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Tampa Am 2017 Qualifiers Results
Here are the results from this years Tampa Am qualifiers.


1: Jhancarlos Gonzalez
2: Alex Lobasyuk
3: Juan Carlos Aliste
4: Keenan Lewis
5: Cole Hosman
6: Tyler Kirshenbaum
7: Edgard Lima
8: Luiz Mariano
9: Petter Brunvatne
10: Tyson Zane
11: Wesley Box
12: Alejandro Burnell
13: Dre Malone
14: Jake Braun
15: Jalen Willis
16: Cris Lesh
17: Daniel Yeager
18: Austin O Brien
19: Bruno Senra
20: George Poole
21: Jc Mazza
22: Austin Bland
23: Kaede Terauchi
24: Kevin White
25: Shane Short
26: Gabriel Ribeiro
27: Dylan Clark
28: Herman Moller
29: Donta Hill
30: Maycon Luan
31: Miles McKinney
32: Nathan Pacheco
33: Evon Martinez
34: Robbyn Spangler-Magby
35: Yulian Roa
36: Deng Tear
37: Everaldo Silva Bueno
38: Simen Haegeland
39: Iago Carrasco
40: Kader Sylla
41: Maycon Mota
42: Jonas Carlsson
43: Brandon Valijalo
44: Carsten Boyer
45: Cody Chapman
46: Chance Levin
47: David Dixon
48: Marcos Vargas
49: Andreas Alvarez
50: Aoki Yukito
51: Josh Gomez
52: Brandon Starr
53: Joey Marrone
54: Douglas Junior
55: Andrew Singh
56: Augie Johansen
57: Jan Hirt
58: Judah Bube
59: Greyson Beal
60: Chad Poore
61: David Lobasyuk
62: Taihou Tokura
63: Yuto Watanabe
64: Heitor Silva
65: Mikey Santillan
66: Marshall Stinson
67: Terence Williams
68: Petch Napat
69: Alex Conn
70: Zach Allen
71: Brian Upapong
72: Chris Roque
73: Dave Bohack
74: Erick Lopes Gomes
75: Jonathan Perez
76: Jordi Zapata
77: Tony Christopher
78: Brian Hastings
79: Gabriel Kwiatkowski Jr
80: Ty Stigney
81: Jackson Davis
82: Daniel Scales
83: Davide Holzknecht
84: Jackson Parrish
85: Mateo Martinez
86: Victor Brooks
87: Andrew Powers
88: Alex Smith
89: Berronte Ramirez
90: Jorgy Rodriguez
91: Riley Vaughn
92: Kevin Reed
93: Andre Willian
94: Josh Wolff
95: Logan Mozey
96: Ryan LaRue
97: Alex Sandino
98: Dominic Borrero
99: Shane Carter
100: Kevin Phelps
101: Mitch Schmidt
102: Cody Jacobson
103: Helaman Campos
104: James Cobb
105: Juwon Eun
106: Maximo Latino
107: Dalton Newbury
108: Deandre Daniels
109: Danny Corral
110: Jacob Santa Anna
111: Sunny Suljic
112: Tim Debauche
113: Malik Jones
114: Troy Cobucci
115: Kevin Timmons
116: Lester Cepero
117: Geiger
118: Alex Barragan
119: Ryan Wood
120: Jalen Oliver
121: Emmanuel Barahona
122: Jordan Rodrigues
123: Pedro Duarte
124: Massimo Cristofoletti
125: Mikee Carter
126: Tsiky Raharinaivo
127: Brandon Johnson
128: Akira Tanaka
129: Miles Lawrence
130: Oat Athiwat
131: Ryker Hawke Frenzel
132: Michael Magalhaes
133: Desmond White
134: Hyunseong Im
135: Pedro Delfino
136: Carlos Junior
137: Nate Navarrette
138: Quincy Freeman
139: Max Caliger
140: Dakota Camp
141: Shane Fithian
142: Mike Haywood
143: Rezza Honarvar
144: Evan Schmitt
145: Brian Jacobs
146: Dong Geon Lee
147: Garrett Miller
148: Chris Fernandez
149: Matt Hudson
150: Alberto Navarro
151: Elijah Odom
152: Germano Almeida
153: Drake Pozanc

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SPoT - Tampa Am Qualifiers 2017

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Skaters from the USA, Columbia, Norway, Brazil, France, and Portugal all made it to the top 12 Final and earned a shot at winning the 2017 Tampa Am. It was a truly international affair consisting of incredible skateboarding and wall to wall stoke. A huge congratulations goes out to Gustavo Ribeiro for taking the win and earning a spot in the 2018 SLS Pro Open. Good luck Gustavo!

Tampa Am 2017 Gustavo Ribeiro Ride Footage [16/11/2017]
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Tampa Am 2017 Mannys World Footage [16/11/2017]
Manny Santiago headed south to attend this year Tampa Am contest, to only have the Ams take his money, and find out that this guy Felipe with no legs has a bigger heart then all of us...Kids just keep getting better and better!


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2016: Event Flyers: Show Picture
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