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Jackalope is an annual skateboard contest in Canada.

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Jackalope 2017 ESF Vert Demo Footage
Tony Hawk and PLG were the guests of honor for the 6th edition of Jackalope Fest organized by Tribu Experientiel at Montreals Olympic park.


Featuring; Tony Hawk, Andre Young, Elliot Sloan, Travis Rivera Lizzie Armanto, Evan Doherty & Julien Gagnon.

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Jackalope 2018 [14/5/2018]
Jackalope is being held August 17 August 19, 2018.

Jackalope 2017 Results and Footage [29/8/2017]
Here are results and footage from this years Jackalope.

Jackalope 2017 Recap Saturday Footage [29/8/2017]
Recap clip from jackalop in Canada.


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2016: Jackalope: Show Picture
Mens skateboard winners. Photo by Jackalope.

2016: Jackalope: Show Picture
Womens skateboard winners. Photo by Jackalope.

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WCS 2017 Schedule [17/2/2017]
Here is the 2017 World Cup Skateboarding schedule.

Jackalope 2012 Skate Results and Footage [19/8/2012]
Here is some footage and results from the skate part of Jackalope 2012 held last month in Montreal, Canada.

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