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Thrasher King of the Road is an annual invitational skateboard team contest arranged by Thrasher Magazine.

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King of the Road 2016 Results and Footage
Here are the results and footage from King of the Road.


Watch the King of the Road 2016: Highest, Longest, Most Winners video below, or scroll down for more footage below the results.


Midnight Cowboy - Best trick in a public bathroom: Jon Dickson - Frontside Noseslide Line

Lee Ralphs Revenge - Best trick barefoot. Chris Russel - Miller Flip

Raging Rooftops - Best trick on or off a roof: Kevin Bkkel - AZ Drop In

Shawty Wanna Yolo - Best trick over a twerker: David Gravette - Gap to Crooks over the channel

Begles Bouffant - Best worst haircut: David Gravette - Face on backwards/KOTD

Gravettes Gal - Best Twisted Sister Makeout: Louie Barletta with Richie Jackson

Best Prank: Creature - David Gravette Butt Chug and KOTD Tattoo

Haulin Grass - Gnarliest Grass or Dirt Hill Bomb: Ben Raemers - Fence jump in Hawaii

Betty White Award - Older woman made out with: Chris Russel 4/21/56

Jakes Jammer - Gnarlies Wallride: Jackson Pilz - Off the Roof over a Twerker

Best Wallie Trick Off A Teammate: David Gravette - To Lipslide down A 9 Stair Rail

Trujillos Transfer - Biggest Gap On Transition: Chris Russel - Hawaii Ollie

Best Jake Phelps Griptape: Nora Vasconcellos

Friends Forever - Gnarliest Drop In Holding Hands: Sean Conover and Kevin Bkkel - Into the Bank in Glendale

The Stranger - Best trick using the Mannequin Hand: Jamie Foy - Kinger Grind Grab in Albq

Most Epic Table Breaking: Chris Russel

Pierres Palate - Grossest Thing Eaten: David Gravette - Baby Birding Willis Nuts and Gum

Kindest Random Act: enjoi - The Repair

Best Trick on Oververt: Kevin Bkkel - Hand Up To Fakie

Lizards Launch - Biggest Wallie: Lizard King - hawaii

Johnsons Johnson - Best Trick Naked and Covered In Shaving Cream: Chris Russel: Sweeper

The Giving Tree - Best Trick on a Tree: David Gravette - Stump Wallie Late Shove It

Clives Clutches - Most Make Outs: Chris Russel - 36

Death From Above - Biggest Drop: Kevin Bkkel - 20 Stairs

Muscles Hustle - Stinkiest Sting Bug Frontside Air: Chris Russel - With Dead Fish In Mouth and Tied to Body

Bob Gnar Award - Best Transition Trick: Jackson Pilz - Frontside Flip Late Shove It

Biggest Over The Back Handrail Grind: Jamie Foy - 9 Stairs

Nyjahs Gnar Gnaar - Best Rail Trick: Enzo Cautela - Kickflip 5050 To Land On Another Board

Boss Toss - Biggest Flip Trick: Neen Williams - Heel Flip 14

WTF! The Muska? - Gnarliest Rail Skated: Jamie Foy - 34

Shots Fired - Most Stairs Firecrackered: Zack Wallin / Kevin Bkkel - 10

Chiefs Beef - Gnarliest Benihana Variation: Jackson Pilz - Blunt Fakie

Hall of Meat - Worst Slam: Kevin Bkkel - Albq Ramp Slam

Mystery Guest MVP - Most Points By A Mystery Guest: Samarria Brevard - 400

Phelpers Choice: Jamie Foy

Best Ditch Combo In Albq: enjoi - Pilz Kickflip and Raemers Noseslide Fakie

Mystery Guest - Best Doubles: Samarria Brevard - Kickflip Fakie In A Tux and Ben Raemers - Alley Oop in a Dress

Mystery guest - Best Trick Down 9 Stairs: Samarria Brevard - 5-0

Best Trick in a Tux or Prom Dress: Lacey Baker - Nose Manual To Nollie Inward Heelflip

Andys Choice: Jackson Pilz

MVP - Most Points By A Team Rider: Jackson Pilz - 2125

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