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Powell Peralta is an American skateboard company.

Also known as: Powell-Peralta / Powell Skateboards / Powell Corporation

Bones Brigade GQ Interview
Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade Tell the Story of Legendary Skate Video Animal Chin.

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GQ - Tony Hawk and the Bones Brigade Tell the Story of Legendary Skate Video Animal Chin

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The Powell Peralta Museum [6/5/2018]
Years ago at an ASR tradeshow Powell Peralta put on display many of their amazing, skateboards, graphics photos and artifacts for the pleasure of the viewing public. Heres a montage of the that showing. Enjoy.

Cab Promo 1996 [6/5/2018]
Promotional Video introduced with Steve Caballeros Pro model released in 1996. Enjoy!

Powell Peralta Summer Tour 1988 OZ Footage [29/4/2018]
While on tour in Australia during the summer of 1988 Stacy Peralta shot film of the Bones Brigade and put together a montage of the teams adventures down under. Enjoy.


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2012: Trailers and Clips
Bones Brigade: An Autobiography Trailer
Play This Video

2011: Interviews
George Powell sits down and discusses the beginning.
Play This Video

1992: Skateboard Parts
Pat Brennen - Powell Hot Batch
Play This Video


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1989: Advertisments: Show Picture
Australian Tour Poster from Powell Peralta

1990: Advertisments: Show Picture
Powell Peralta | Tony Hawk & Sean Mortimer | Ratbones Double Ad

1992: Advertisments: Show Picture
Powell Peralta

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SHoF 2016 Powell Peralta Footage [2/2/2017]
2016 Skateboarding Hall of Fame Icon Award Ceremony for Powell-Peralta.

Steve Caballero Powell Peralta Profile [5/1/2017]
Check out Steve Caballeros profile on the Powell Peralta website.

Mike V Back With Airwalk [17/4/2011]
According to a press release, Mike Vallely has returned to the brand he rode for in 1988 to help design limited-edition products for the brands 25th anniversary collection.

By The Sword Dissolved [6/12/2010]
By The Sword Skateboards has called it quits, and dissolved the company. Here is some information on the update.

Vans Downtown Showdown 2010 Results and Footage [4/10/2010]
The 6th Vans Downtown Showdown presented by Rockstar Energy Drink was held at the Paramount Studios back lot recently. Here are the results and footage from the event.

World Championship of Freestyle Skateboarding 2010 [1/9/2010]
Powell Peralta Skateboards presents the 2010 World Championships of Freestyle Skateboarding in Philadelphia this month. Here is some infomation about the event.

Mike Vallely Skateboard Decks [29/2/2004]
Here is a brief overview of Mike Vallelys skateboard companies and board sponsors trough time.

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1989: Advertisments [24/9/2016]

1987: Skateboard Decks [16/5/2014]

1983: Skateboard Decks [16/5/2014]