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Bromsjordet is an outdoor skatepark in Horten, Norway.

Also known as: Horten Skatepark

Kickbike Argument At Bromsjordet Skatepark
The conflict between skaters and kickbike kids is raging in Horten these days.


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A discussion has been going on Facebook regarding kids and parents not respecting the rules of the park.

Facebook Posts

The local paper wrote an article about kickbikes being denied access to the park.

Gjengangeren - Nei til sparkesykkel, skaterne vil ha parken selv

Martin Haavde wrote a reply on behalf of Horten Skateboardpark.

Gjengangeren - Meninger: bruke sparkesykker er ikke forbudt i skateboardparken

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Bromsjordet Skatepark Since 1998 Promo [19/6/2018]
Horten Skateboardklubb built the first vert ramp at Bromsjordet in 1998.

Bowling at Bromsjordet Skatepark [5/5/2018]
The renovation of the bowl at Bromsjordet is being celebrated with a bowl session on Saturday 5th May, 2018.

Bromsjordet Skatepark Gets 1.3 Million [10/11/2017]
The skatepark in Horten is getting 1.3 million NOK from the municipality for upgrades.


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2014: Bromsjordet Skatepark
Vert life Vol 1 from Skate Martin - Some Vert skating in Horten at the beginning of the season.
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2014: Bromsjordet Skatepark
Jon Pedersen one trick from Skate Martin
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2005: Bromsjordet Skatepark
Jon Pedersen Vert from Skate Martin.
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2018: Bromsjordet Skatepark: Show Picture
Bowl Renovation. Photo by Kristian Moen‎.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Horten Skatepark Ad.

2017: Advertisments: Show Picture
Horten Skatepark Rules.

Go Fish:

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Pressure Washer For Bromsjordet Skatepark [6/7/2018]
Horten Skateboardklubb won a pressure washer from Monter, to wash away the bird shit from the ramps at Bromsjordet Skatepark

Fresh Norwegian Outdoor Footage [23/3/2010]
Its not quite spring yet, but skateboarders have already started coming out to spots liberated by the sun, or helping hands. Here are some fresh video clips.

Kanalsession 10 Results and Footage [2/9/2008]
Here are the results from the tenth annual Kanalsession skateboard contest held at Bromsjordet Skatepark in Horten, Norway.

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2012: Bromsjordet Skatepark [31/7/2012]

2012: Bromsjordet Skatepark [24/6/2012]