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Lizzie Armanto is an American skateboarder.

Also known as: Lizzy Armanto [wrong spelling]

Lizzie Armanto Good Sports Interview
A Pro Skateboarder Whos Shredding A Path For Women In The Sport.

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Good Sports - A Pro Skateboarder Whos Shredding A Path For Women In The Sport

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Lizzie Armanto Vans Interview [11/3/2018]
Smashing boundaries and blasting past labels is second nature to Lizzie Armanto. Here, Lizzie talks about ignoring fear, falling, and getting right back up again.

Commercial: Lizzy Armantos Pro Wheels [16/2/2018]
Bones Wheels has released Lizzies first Pro Wheel! Grab a set at your favorite skate shop.

Lizzie Armanto VPS Profile Interview [26/9/2017]
Lizzie Armanto is one of the most respected women in skateboarding as well as being a favorite in every contest. Get to know @lizziearmanto.


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2016: Interviews
Lizzie Armantos Passion for Skateboarding | While the Water Boils with Hannah Hart Ep5
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2016: Interviews
Lizzie Armanto - Free Lunch from The Ride Channel
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2013: Interviews
At only 20 years of age, Lizzie Armanto has been re-writing skateboarding history. A native of Santa Monica, California, Lizzie started skating in 2007 with her younger brother. Since then she has dominated womens skateboarding, competing in the mens division in international contests, and most recently winning a gold medal at X Games just a few days ago. Its safe to say the future of womens skateboarding is in safe hands.
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Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Womens Pro Park Footage [15/7/2018]
Eight of the worlds best female skaters made it into the Pro Park finals at Dew Tour Long Beach 2018. Here are the highlights from the heated competition.

Dew Tour 2018 Long Beach Results and Footage [4/7/2018]
Results and footage from Dew Tour Long Beach.

Vans Park Series 2018 Brazil Results and Footage [4/6/2018]
Vans Park Series 2018 Brazil Results and Footage.

Skaters In Cars: Lizzie Armanto Episode [25/4/2018]
In the latest episode of Skaters in Cars, host Chris Nieratko meets up with So Cal park ripper Lizzie Armanto to discuss her favorite skateparks and the growth of international womens skateboarding.

Hot Shots Union Hills Skatepark Demo [29/3/2018]
The Hot Shots Skate Gang blazed through the Southwest and put on a show for the good citizens of Phoenix, Arizona!

Full Video: NHS Please Dont Grab My Boob [23/3/2018]
Let the good times roll! This whole crew of female skaters put together an amazing edit. So rad.

Commercial: Vans Customade by Lizzie Armanto [23/3/2018]
Vans commercial for Customade by Lizzie Armanto.

Vans Park Series 2017 WC Results and Footage [27/9/2017]
Here are the results and footage from the Vans Park Series World Championships in Shanghai, China.

Jackalope 2017 ESF Vert Demo Footage [29/8/2017]
Tony Hawk and PLG were the guests of honor for the 6th edition of Jackalope Fest organized by Tribu Experientiel at Montreals Olympic park.

Vans Park Series 2017 HB Results and Footage [14/8/2017]
Here are the results and footage from the Vans Park Series stop in Huntington Beach.

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