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Grizzly in Copenhagen
The Grizzly Gang hit the Streets during day 1 of Copenhagen Pro!


Featuring; Boo Johnson, Paul Hart, Diego Najera, Jordan Maxham and Torey Pudwill.

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Commercial: Nick Tucker Grizzly Bling Bling [21/2/2018]
Nick Tucker sets up the new Gold Mini Bear grip and rips a spot in Los Angeles.

Commercial: Grizzly Griptape Spring 2018 [5/2/2018]
Grizzly Spring 2018 is now available at Grizzly Griptape Flagship and on

Tour Footage: Grizzly Japan Team Goes to Fukuoka [18/1/2018]
Grizzly Japan Team is off to a good start with their first trip to Fukuoka!


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2011: Welcome Videos
Grizzly Grip Welcome to the Team Boo Johnson
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2011: Interviews
Torey Pudwill - The Story Behind Grizzly
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2011: Welcome Videos
Justin Schulte grizzly griptape commercial
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2010: Commercials [27/6/2011]